Assyrian International News Agency
May 30 2012

Genocide was the main topic at the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center, which
hosted Sophia Kontogeorge Kostos, author of the newly released book,
Before the Silence: Archival News Reports of the Christian Holocaust
That Begs To Be Remembered. The work is comprised of a collection of
newspaper reports documenting the massacres and genocides of Greeks,
Armenians and Assyrian minorities who inhabited Asia Minor by the
Ottoman Turks and later by the New Turks and Kemalists.

As Kostos revealed during a question and answer session these original
reports emanated from English language sources and showed that there
was a systematic and organized campaign by Turkish authorities to
commit genocide. The book attempts to serve as a permanent reminder
that the many massacres starting from 1822, and the genocides carried
out during the years 1914 through 1923 are a crime against humanity
and the memories of the victims should never be forgotten but respected
and remembered.

Kostos concluded the lecture with the presentation of a copy of the
book The Refugee Summer by Edward Fenton to Pan-Macedonian Studies
Center Founder Elias Neofytides for inclusion in the center's Greek
American library; the first of its kind in the state. The May 23
lecture was followed by the screening of the documentary film, In
The Footsteps Of The Argonauts. The film follows the fortunes of
the Greeks living on the Black Sea, with particular emphasis on the
City of Trebizond. Trebizond (Trabzon in modern Turkey) was not only
the longest surviving of the Byzantine successor states, but also a
symbol of the Greek communities which have lived and thrived on the
shores of the Black Sea since the 8th century BC.

The film was hosted and narrated by renowned Greek actor Kostas
Arzoglou, (himself a descendant of the area), who was joined by an
international team of experts from Greece, Cyprus and the UK.--Jason
D. Antos Photo Jason D. Antos.

From: A. Papazian