Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

A screen shot of the new game, Cocky Roach

YEREVAN (GamesPress)-Armenia-based Suren Hakobyan has announced the
release and worldwide availability of Cocky Roach, his new fast-paced
game for iPhone and iPod touch. With simple rules, intuitive touch
controls, and dynamic gameplay Cocky Roach is the title that would
appeal to the pick up and play gamers of the iOS world.

The game both entertains and tests users quickness and accuracy. The
player's mission is to catch speedy bugs at one tap, as the screen
is extremely fragile. To succeed Cocky Roach players should avoid
accidental and unnecessary dabs as frivolous tapping is penalized
and the screen solidity drops dramatically with every extra touch.

Cocky Roach features forty levels of fun accompanied by uplifting
musical score. Users should apply all their cunning and show quick
reaction to stop huge bugs that crack the screen under their weight.

What makes the game even more exciting is a number of power-ups for
both players and insects. Little hearts that randomly appear on the
screen multiply bugs making users mission twice as hard, while in
time collected gold stars help to improve users' statistics.

"Cocky Roach is an extremely buoyant game to play that will keep you
on your toes up to the last level. Those cute bugs that move across
the screen at an alarming rate are absolutely unpredictable in their
actions. You never know where they will be in the next second and
what happens next", commented Suren Hakobyan, the game creator.

Suren Hakobyan is an indie developer who strives to develop games
that make people smile. The main idea of his titles is an easy to
grasp concept, simplicity, and positive experience.

Check out Cocky Roach.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress