Wednesday, May 30, 22:40

We do not change friends and never leave them. Irrespective of the
domestic situation in Russia, its historical relations with Armenia
should be above all things, director of the CIS Countries Institute,
Konstantin Zatulin, said at today's press-conference in Yerevan.

He said that the book of Armenian political experts, Aleksandr
Markarov, Narek Galstyan and Hrant Mikaelyan, "Open Russia: new
image in the era of information", published in Moscow, is of a great
significance for historiography in general.

The elections have been recently held both in Armenia and Russia, and
a new stage of development has started in them. There are old and warm
relations between Putin and Sargsyan, which will undoubtedly affect the
bilateral relations. "The relations within the frames of the CIS are
very much important for all the post-Soviet countries. For instance,
Georgia being almost within NATO, has preserved about 70 contracts
with CIS countries, as this cooperation is necessary first of all in
the economic aspect", - Zatulin said.