May 31

Member of the Camber of Advocates of Armenia Alexander Sirunian filed
a lawsuit against Karo Yeghnukian to the court of general jurisdiction
of Yerevan's Kentron and Nork-Marash communities. Sirunian requests
protection of his honor, dignity and professional reputation.

In a statement on Facebook, Sirunian legal advice office called upon
Karo Yeghnukian to apologize publicly to Vardan Sedrakian for making
insulting remarks about him at the May 14 press conference.

"I only voiced the position of the official prosecution. If they were
wrong, they should apologize. I don't know why Sirunian wants me to
apologize," Karo Yeghnukian told the correspondent of

Alexander Sirunian for his part told "I admit that I am
amoral, but he must apologize. He refers to the official prosecution,
but the criminal case does not say that we are amoral".

We would remind you that National Security Service of Armenia charged
Vardan Sedrakian under Articles 34, 38 and 305 of the Criminal Code.

The former presidential candidate Vardan Sedrakian is charged with
organizing the attempted murder of another presidential candidate,
leader of AIM Party Paruyr Hayrikan.

30.05.2013, 22:33