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  • Lord Of Tractors About Artsakh


    In an interview with the Ukrainian Izvestia news portal, president
    of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made a few interesting statements
    about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He said that he has proposed to
    Ukraine to act as a mediator.

    Regnum reported Lukashenko say that people do not live well in Karabakh
    so this issue must be resolved. He talked to both presidents who
    agreed with him, so he proposed Ukraine to act as a mediator because
    he hates the role of the mediator but his proposal was rejected.

    Note that Alexander Lukashenko is the president of Belarus which is
    a CSTO member and which sells arms to Azerbaijan, the aggressive side
    to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Belarus is one of the main suppliers
    of weapons to Azerbaijan though it is a member of a military-political
    alliance with Armenia.

    Now the president of this country says the Karabakh issue must be
    settled. He is even looking for mediators.

    Lukashenko is not ruled out to have prayed for the settlement of
    Karabakh issue during the consecration of the church built by his
    friend Gagik Tsarukyan. Although, he may have prayed for the lack of
    settlement, so Baku could always be there to buy Belarusian weapons.

    It is hard to understand Lukashenko. It is hard to understand based
    on what he makes judgments about life in Karabakh. Has he ever been
    to Artsakh? Has he ever met people of Artsakh? Has he told them his
    views on the settlement?

    If yes, why is the almighty Batka who even dares scold Putin, the
    West and Europe afraid of admitting that he visited Artsakh? Does he
    fear that Baku will stop buying its weapons?

    If he has never been to Artsakh, how can he judge about life there?

    If Lukashenko cares so much about Artsakh, he could donate several
    tractors to villages of Artsakh without any mediators because Artsakh
    does not need a "Prosperous Artsakh" party.

    Let Belarus give tanks to Baku and tractors to Artsakh. Artsakh people
    will use the tractors to farm land at peacetime and will use them as
    tanks at wartime.

    Or otherwise, instead of deliberation on Artsakh, Lukashenko had
    better keep feeding Armenian domestic life with tractors. Artsakh
    will somehow get on without him.

    Hakob Badalyan 10:51 19/06/2013 Story from News: