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It's Interesting For Serzh Sargsyan Who Will Win In This Squabble

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  • It's Interesting For Serzh Sargsyan Who Will Win In This Squabble


    Interview with Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, historian, candidate of sciences

    Hovhannes, are the offshore scandal of the prime minister, the report
    of the Control Chamber and their follow-up evidence to a crack in
    the government?

    It is hard to speak about an offshore scandal. There are two options.

    Either they want to replace the prime minister or he is really
    involved in that affair. I am prone to believe the second because
    they have opened accounts in offshore banks and nobody cared so far
    and they thought that they would get away with it. I think it is one
    of the most vociferous scandals of independent Armenia. In a normal
    country they would figure out quickly, even if it was a put-up job,
    all those involved should resign and investigate. Instead, a certain
    Ashot Sukiasyan publishes a letter the content of which arouses
    laughter. He says that he has registered a company in the offshore
    without informing them. One might as well have registered a company in
    the name of Obama or Putin had one got photocopies of their passports.

    It's funny. This mess comes from backstage squabbles. The report
    of the Control Chamber was not accidental which was followed by the
    prime minister's answer. I expect serious changes in the government,
    rearrangements ahead of the next 2017-2018 election.

    Meanwhile, the rate of emigration is high. 80% of the society is
    concerned about how to support their families. This small intellectual
    circle is constantly thinking, discussing, exchanging thoughts, we
    are thinking about other things, but we have to accept that freedom,
    democracy and other similar values are strange to the majority. In
    other words, they perceive everything through the social prism.

    However, the state of things has changed. If you remember, the
    newspapers published a lot of articles but nobody paid attention to
    them. Now the government is highly sensitive to every publication. It
    responds to every line. After all, the prime minister said each of you
    must be accountable, and if the sense of accountability is rooted,
    it will be very good. The opposition has its fault but I think that
    the squabble in the government matters much because 2018 is coming up,
    and the question of the heir must be resolved.

    So, are these preparations for 2018?

    Now we can see changes in the government, those changes will continue.

    Meanwhile, Serzh Sargsyan could prevent those squabbles because the
    development of the whole country depends on the will of one person. It
    is not accidental that the only election that people take seriously
    is the presidential election. People do not treat other elections
    seriously. If one person wishes it, there will be no squabbles. But
    maybe it is interesting for him to know who will be able to win this
    natural selection. However, there will come a time when the government
    will crack, and suddenly the opposition will have an opportunity to
    form government, and he will stamp his foot, and everything will stop.

    The governor of Syunik resigned. Isn't it a crack in the government?

    Such people cannot bring about a change. They are replaced in a night.

    Moreover, the government is getting kudos for replacing the governor
    of Syunik whereas they used to back him and did not replace him until
    someone died. The same goes for Ruben Hairapetyan. So, it appears that
    there will be no change without victims, and some changes were possible
    only when ten people were killed on March 1. The idea of sacrifice
    is a fundamental idea but it was smeared after the presidential
    election, like many other ideas, and if someone comes up in the next
    presidential election and pledges to sacrifice his life, people will
    not believe. In 2003 they laughed at raising the issue of justice,
    as a result now freedom and justice are abstract and amorphous.

    Now many people find that justice is in criminal circles. Today it is
    not a secret that if a person has a problem, he or she should turn
    to a criminal-in-law or a local strongman rather than the police of
    a court because he or she is not sure whether the courts are just,
    and second, the criminals resolve issues quickly and effectively,
    and it is not accidental that the government is based on criminals.

    But recently the chief of police has been hailing the necessity to
    eliminate criminality, criminals-in-law and others.

    In the long run the character of the chief of police is in this
    subculture, his odious pronouncements, his style of expression resemble
    those of a criminal rather than a chief of police. It causes doubts
    that he is constantly referring to God because a law enforcer must
    refer to law, not God, and grave crimes have been committed in the
    name of God. Therefore, law enforcement is highly important. The recent
    developments give one very little hope for enforcement but I'm not sure
    that it will last long because the latest bill on speed radars shows
    that nothing changes, it is a one man show, a single person makes
    all the decisions. This person must begin with himself, his family,
    his entourage. It means there is no wish for change because the wish
    is determined by fear of losing power because power is based on the
    criminal oligarchic system, and if he blasts the criminal oligarchic
    system, he may not get on for 2018.

    Will a change of foreign policy result in a change of domestic policy?

    I mean the signing of the EU-Armenia Association Agreement.

    If the Association Agreement is signed, and we integrate with the
    European family, the situation will change, the rules will change,
    the criminal oligarchic system which is suffocating the country will
    change, prices will be in line with the international market and
    flexible. I think the Association Agreement will change a lot in our
    reality, while joining the Customs Union will make everything worse.

    We must look forward, we must move towards Europe. Unfortunately,
    by saying European values we understand protection of the rights
    of homosexuals, whereas the European values are freedom, honesty,
    law enforcement.

    Siranuysh Papyan 16:41 24/06/2013 Story from News:

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress