13:05 ~U 24.06.13

Republican party faction head Galust Sahakyan said no discussions
over resignations in the government are being held.

Referring to the talks about removal of the Prime Minister, Galust
Sahakyan said that talks about removing the PM no matter who he is,
are being circulating in the history of newly independent Armenia
since their appointment, then the talks vanish, then resume again,
"it is the Armenian scenario."

Speaking about possible resignations of governors, Sahakyan said,
"We had good results at elections, it is a common phenomena, we have
not decided to remove governors yet, but studies are under way in
governor's offices."

Sahakyan added that the Republican party's staff bank is full and if
someone fails, he/she should be removed.

Republican MP, asked about possible return of Surik Khachatryan to the
office of Syunik's governor, said he is not inclined to be reappointed
in the office.

Referring to the recently revealed violations in Ararat province,
Sahakyan said they relate to the distribution of diesel and fertilizers
by the village governors under the control of the governor's office.

"Studies are under way in different spheres. The responsible for
violations are not revealed yet," he said.

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From: Baghdasarian