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Former Anc Alliance Still Fails To Unite

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  • Former Anc Alliance Still Fails To Unite


    14:15 ~U 24.06.13

    The Armenian National Congress opposition alliance member parties fail
    to unite yet. The majority of them are inclined to preserve their name,
    another party - Human Rights-96- has frozen its membership, head of
    Democratic Homeland party Petros Makeyan said, speaking to

    "They are more radical. They want to preserve the name - ANC, the
    faction be taken, and what exists in the ANC alliance be ours. It means
    the ANC party be out of it, not having any authorities," Makeyan said,
    noting that they demand the faction MPs' resignation and property.

    After the ANC has become an alliance the member parties of the
    former alliance - Democratic Homeland, Christian-Democratic Revival,
    Democratic Line, Armenian Greens' party and Human Rights-96 came up
    with the statement in favor of unification of their parties. They
    have conducted a number of political consultations with that aim.

    Referring to the legal way pointed out by Ruben Torosyan, Makeyan
    said it is rather complicated and unpredictable.

    "There are some disagreements, that is why he is not participating
    in the discussions temporarily. The negotiations are under way and
    I think another gathering will take place," he said.

    Makeyan stressed that talks were also under way with few parties that
    have left the alliance earlier. Talks were held with those who have
    not joined the ANC party but no response has been given yet.

    "They neither refuse nor agree to unite," Makeyan said.

    As to the former chairman of the Armenian Pan-National Movement
    Ararat Zurabyan, Alexander Arzumanyan, Makeyan said they were not in
    the ANC alliance when they left, thus they may discuss cooperation

    Ararat Zurabyan, Alexander Arzumanyan, Hovannes Igityan, Karapet
    Rubinyan decided to re-register the Armenian Pan-National Movement
    party, considering themselves its successors. The initiators left the
    party and the ANC. Asked what the next steps would be, and whether
    they would decide to wait, Makeyan said it is wrong to give a break
    in political processes, adding that though he cannot say that the
    negotiations are as intensive as previously, but the process continues.

    He added that according to initial moods the alliance is to be
    headed by the political council that will consist of members of

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