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AYF At The IFM-SEI Congress

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  • AYF At The IFM-SEI Congress


    June 13, 2013AYF delegates Kevork Hagopjian and Hagop Krikorian AYF
    delegates Kevork Hagopjian and Hagop Krikorian

    The 26th World Congress of the International Falcon Movement-Socialist
    Educational International (IMF-SEI) took place on June 6-9, in
    Manchester, Great Britain.

    More than 60 organizations from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa
    attended the Congress. The International Falcon Movement - Socialist
    Educational International is an international educational movement
    working to empower children and young people to take an active role
    in society and fight for their rights. The organization is based on
    the principles of equality, peace, solidarity, socialism, democracy
    and co-operation.

    AYF which is a member of IFM-SEI was represented at the 26th Congress
    by Kevork Hagopjian and Hagop Krikorian (Great Britain chapter).

    During the three-day sessions, the Congress reviewed Statutes, defined
    a work plan for the upcoming three years, discussed organizational
    issues and voted for President, Secretary-General and regional

    The work plan for the next three years covers the fields of
    co-operation and internationalism, equality and inclusion, peace and
    conflict, communication and ownership.

    The AYF delegation presented the structure, objectives, and activities
    of AYF as well as the situation in Armenia, Artsakh (Mountainous
    Karabakh) and Diaspora.

    In addition, within the workshop sessions the AYF representatives
    spoke about the necessity of the role and influence of international
    organizations towards the international recognition of the Genocide
    of the Armenians, the issue of restitution and the fair resolution
    of the Artsakh conflict.

    ARF-D Youth Office