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Brother of Javakhk activist Vahagn Chakhalyan and 30 others arrested

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  • Brother of Javakhk activist Vahagn Chakhalyan and 30 others arrested

    Brother of Javakhk-Armenian activist Vahagn Chakhalyan and 30 others arrested

    14:00 - 29.06.13

    Head of Hayatun cultural center of Georgian Diocese of the Armenian
    Church Hovannes Chitiryan and chairman of the Multi-National Georgia
    NGO Arnold Stepanyan confirmed Georgia Online's information about
    arrest of brother of Javakhk-Armenian activist Vahagn Chakhalyan -
    Armen Chakhalyan. The Georgian media was informed about it late in the
    evening by an Akhalkalaki resident.

    Armen Chakhalyan is reported to have been accused of `organization of
    unrest in Ninotsminda.' tried to contact with Vahagn Chakhalyan but he does not respond.

    Speaking to Arnold Stepanyan said that there was no unrest, it
    was a brawl between Armenian young men. `Some guys phoned Chakhalyan's
    brother and asked him to go down and help. He was at a birthday party
    but went to help. At that very moment special squad appeared and
    without any accusations took them to the police station. It was not a
    massive brawl but there were many people, about 60,' Stepanyan said.

    Stepanyan said about 30 activists are among the arrestees.

    `There are few hypotheses. The one is that Chaklyan's brother's arrest
    was a signal for him not to interfere into public-political life, the
    other is it was a signal in case he plans unrest,' Stepanyan said.

    In any case the NGO chairman said the appearance of special forces is
    inexplicable as nothing `extraordinary' happened.

    Stepanyan said the most interesting revelation is that after the
    `first melting Saakashvili's policy of viewing Javakhk-Armenians as
    colony' is gradually returning.

    Asked what it is agreed with, Stepanyan said, `We have analyzed a lot,
    spoke, discussed. The thing is that the state does not know how to
    overcome the risks in Javakhk as still new Georgian state approach is
    being worked out, and someone came to the conclusion that the previous
    system existing during Saakashvili's ruling is very convenient
    regarding oversight,' he said.