D. Apinyan. About Aliyev's statement: `They are just campaign stupidities.'

June 28 2013

`Do not pay attention to these statements, they are just campaign
stupidities, and to connect this prate with RA foreign policy,
generally, does not make sense.',- so replied the expert of the `East'
strategic analytical center David Apinyan to the question of Aravot.am
whether the statement of the President of Azerbaijan made during the
military parade held in Baku is a result of some gaps in the field of
RA foreign policy. We should note that Aliyev, in particular, has
announced that the Azerbaijani flag will again be waved in
Nagorno-Karabakh, that as if their military capacity will play its
role in the fair resolution of Nagorno-Karabakh issue and in restoring
the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Continuing the conversation,
the expert said,- `There is no need to refer to the subject, in
general, it is a campaign stupidity that is aimed at domestic
audience. And connecting it with our policy is a damage to us from the
viewpoint of our patriotism. Why should we become cheaper to comment
these stupidities?' To the question whether these statements are
viewed as a threat, D. Apinyan answered in this way,- `Threat by
content has a two-part approach. Threat by words and threat that has a
practical significance. I urge not to refer to Aliyev's stupidity at
all.' As for selling weapons to Azerbaijan by RF for the parade, Mr.
Apinyan thinks,- `The process of selling upgraded weapons to
Azerbaijan by Russia generates from is logic of pragmatism and from
tactical and strategic objectives appropriate to a big country. The
buy and sale of arms has a feature that enables the supplier to be
dependent from the supplied. Officially Moscow due to the latter tends
to keep Azerbaijan in the orbit of its influence which is gradually
coming out it, and the processes of routing maintenance of military
equipment, recruitment of their stock, further modernization, as well
as learning process of the service and maintenance personnel provide a
certain chance to RF to strengthen its influence over the official
Baku.' In this context, he noted that the inflow of oil-dollars to
official Baku has enabled to act independently, one of the brightest
evidences is shutting down of `Daryal' type of radar station, which
was located in Gabala and leased to Moscow, in response to which
Moscow stopped the export of Azerbaijani raw oil running through
Baku-Novorossiysk pipeline. Referring to the moral side of the fact of
selling weapons to Azerbaijan by the strategic alley of the official
Yerevan, Russia, to threaten the Republic of Armenia and the Republic
of Nagorno-Karabakh, D. Apinyan said we should not look at Russia with
offended eyes, but as an example, emphasized that the United States
never sells any attacking weapon to countries, who openly threaten its
confederate country Israel. The expert did not exclude that these
weapons might one day be directed to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh
Republics, however, assured that the armed forces of Armenia are
adequately equipped and have a high level of battlefield training,
which enables to respond to the enemy deservedly. Tatev HARUTIUNIAN

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