Hraparak: Tsarukian does not give up what he didn't earn

June 29

`Hraparak' made an attempt to clarify whether the leader of Prosperous
Armenia Party (BHK) Gagik Tsarukian who attended only 4-5 sittings of
the autumn and spring sessions of the Armenian parliament has received
his salaries or, as the parliamentary speaker promised, deductions
were made from his salaries.

Tsarukian's spokeswoman Iveta Tonoyan told the newspaper's
correspondent: `Tsarukian has never received personally his salaries
as a deputy, these sums are allocated for aid'. She had difficulty
answering the question about deductions from Tsarukian's salary.

`It should be mentioned that the parliament staff receive their
salaries through a card. Regardless of whether Tsarukian or his
assistant received his salaries, the main thing is that he does not
give up what he didn't earn,' the paper comments.

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