Either reforms or new murders - Heritage party leader

21:07 - 29.06.13

Heritage party Chairman Raffi Hovannisian took part in the candle
lighting ceremony on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of military
surgeon Vahe Avetyan's death in front of the Harsnaqar restaurant.

`I want a consistent civil struggle, with each group seeking to form a
civil front,' Hovannisian told journalists.

The Heritage party does not see a way to justice because courts are
not independent and the authorities are not legitimate.

`Preventing new murders requires new authorities and a civil force
belonging to the people,' Hovannisian said.

With respect to awards to President of the Football Federation Ruben
Hairapetyan and Syunik ex-governor Suren Khachatryan, Hovannisian said
that the awarder must be held responsible.


From: Baghdasarian