Let us follow the example of the Jews


A member of the Yerevan City Council called upon to create a
biological safety foundation `In the Soviet years, there were over 150
thousand births in Armenia. Today, 30-35 thousand births a year is
considered a high birth rate. Not to speak about that, in this
situation, the emigration has reached an alarming temps. We now also
have health problems: men's sterility reaches approximately 45%. These
are serious and disturbing indicators that should not be looked
through fingers. These figures require serious analysis and
conclusions.',- expressed her concern the PAP party members in the
Yerevan City Council Armine Gyulazyan in the conversation with
Aravot. The council member having the specialty of physician
emphasizes the importance of the new policy on restoration of national
gene pool and reproduction.

Armine Gyulazyan, personally, has her own perceptions in the
resolution of this problem. `We need to create a biological safety
foundation. Every newborn should have its share in this fund. Such a
fund is a necessary condition for the promotion of our gene pool
reproduction.' The funding sources of the Foundation, according to our
interlocutor, can be regular church donations, including two
Patriarchal chairs, Etchmiadzin and Antelias. The Armenian
humanitarian capital, annual Diaspora contributions should also have
their participation. For example, our dual citizen compatriots,
according to Mrs. Armine, can contribute one dollar in the form of
membership fee per month to the Foundation, as the Jews do. She
believes that annual marathons should be organized for the Foundation,
as an example of `Hayastan' All-Armenian Fund.

`Our gene pool safety, today, requires a new urban policy,'- believes
our interlocutor. According to her, it is necessary to preserve and
not to distort Tamanyan architecture in the future solutions of urban
development and architecture. `How beautiful are today's modern and
high-rise buildings next to Tamanyan buildings from the viewpoint of
harmony? Also, such constructions do not comply with our ground, as
5-7 storey buildings are designed by Tamanyan designs, especially for
the central parts of Yerevan.',-says the council member. In her
opinion, the safety of our gene pool needs to a day early pass to a
mass and affordable house building from elite house building. `Let it
not sound thunderous, but today it is necessity of our vital national
preservation. Here, it assumes the participation of the municipality,
and charitable contributions, as well as of beneficiaries, the
population.' According to a member of the council, the residents will
be happy to invest even their scarce

resources for the sake of their family's future security. And the
urban and the political authority should taken the chance and use this
circumstance to bring the programs to reality, for which the voter's
vote has requested. Also, it is necessary to direct the resources
correctly and targeted that are invested in the urban economy for
charitable purposes.

In addition, our interlocutor considers the development and
application of a new concept of health care primary, which will
include protection of labor rights for medical personnel, salary
increase for medical personnel and increase of general living
standards, and provision of medical services free or at least 50%
discount for the medical staff. She also emphasizes the importance of
food safety issues. She has noticed that there is no laboratory in
Armenia that would be able to conducting check-ups in compliance with
modern standards. In the general context, our interlocutor is also
concerned about the issues of landscaping of the city, solid waste
management, and supports the existence of solid waste processing
plant, which will be of mutual benefit, ecological problems will be
resolved, and the fertilizer received in the result of the plant
functioning will be used for agricultural purposes.