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Raffi Hovannisian Continues Presidential Victory Tour Across The Rep

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  • Raffi Hovannisian Continues Presidential Victory Tour Across The Rep

    10:42, February 28, 2013

    Raffi K. Hovannisian, President-elect of the Republic of Armenia,
    on February 26 continued his presidential victory tour with a visit
    Armavir. He was accompanied by numerous supporters, former members
    of the Heritage parliamentary group, and journalists.

    Appealing to the residents of Armavir, Hovannisian he addressed the
    mayor, who had had the dignity to resign three days ago. Hovannisian
    added that members of the Council of Elders and governor of the
    Armavir region must follow his example.

    Hovannisian's next stop was in the town of Echmiadzin. During a
    peaceful demonstration Hovannisian said: "I, as a believer in the
    Resurrection, say that it is you who brought this resurrection to
    our country and Echmiadzin, and I am only one part of this victory."

    In Masis and Artashat, where systematic falsifications were observed
    on election day, hundreds of citizens defied the culture of fear to
    welcome Hovannisian with chants of "President."

    "I will come again," Hovannisian said, "and together we shall witness
    how the Armenian people triumphed over the evil spirit." Later,
    Hovannisian visited Surenavan, Areni, Yeghegnadzor, and Vayk and

    On February 27 Raffi K. Hovannisian continued the meetings with his
    supporters and citizens in the towns of Syunik Region. The meetings
    started from Agarak and Meghri, where he met the mayor of the city
    and expressed his dissatisfaction with the conduct of the February
    18th elections and the violations that took place.

    Hovannisian also reminded the Mayor about the numerous legislative
    bills designated to solve problems of Meghri and the entire Syunik
    Region, that the Heritage MPs initiated in Parliament. Unfortunately,
    those initiatives were opposed by the MPs of Republican Party.

    In Kajaran, the Executives of the Copper-molybdenum factory aiming to
    impede Hovannisian's meeting called the workers - long being out of
    work - to an urgent factory meeting. Nonetheless, a lot of citizens
    came to meet Hovannisian, who conveyed his gratitude to them for their
    courage and the right choice they had made. He inspired them to take
    the struggle further to a victorious end. Hovannisian demanded from
    the Syunik authorities: "Respect the people's victory or go away".

    In Kapan, where Hovannisan had received more than 54% of the votes,
    arrived to celebrate the victory together with citizens. He declared,
    "Garegin Nzhdeh has won. You've brought his and Armenia's victory". In
    Kapan, Hovannisan also demanded the resignation of the Syunik Governor.

    In Goris, the Governor of Syunik had taken measures to dissuade the
    people from meeting the heralds of BAREV Revolution. He also avoided
    meeting Raffi Hovannisian. The marching of BAREV Revolution in Syunik
    concluded in Sisian in a large rally.

    Raffi Hovannisian Headquarters