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Arf-D Is Decentralized Party, Says Nagorno-Karabakh Rep.

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  • Arf-D Is Decentralized Party, Says Nagorno-Karabakh Rep.

    20:39 ~U 06.03.13

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    A member of the opposition Armenian Revolutionary
    Federation-Dashnaksutyun's (ARF-D) Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Central
    Committee has described the party as a decentralized political force
    not meddling in electoral processes.

    Speaking to, David Ishkhanyan explained that those policies
    require the ARF-D's headquarters in Artsakh and Armenia to take a
    neutral stance on the presidential elections in each other's countries.

    "We held a presidential election just a couple of months ago, and
    the Armenian office had no intervention - direct or indirect - in
    the policy line adopted by the [Nagorno-Karabakh] headquarters. And
    the same goes for Armenia," he said, when asked to comment on the
    party's diverging views in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia.

    ARF-D top figures (including members of the Supreme Body and the
    Bureau) periodically meet with the opposition Heritage party's leader,
    Raffi Hovhannisian, who was President Serzh Sargsyan's runner-up in
    the February 18 election. Different members of the party also attend
    Hovhannisian's post-election rallies at Yerevan's Liberty Square
    to address their messages to the people. It is noteworthy in this
    context that Nagorno-Karabakh Prime Minister Arthur Aghabekyan, who is
    affiliated with the party, recently called upon the people in Karabakh
    to refrain from the protest demonstrations in Armenia's capital.

    "That's fire which they use to play with the security of Artsakh,"
    he said.

    Asked whether such a posture does not reflect the ARF-Ds criticism of
    its own colleagues in Armenia, Ishkhanyan recommended against linking
    the premier's remark with the Armenian opposition. He said Aghabekyan
    made the statement as a government official, not as a representative
    of a political force.

    "He mentioned clearly that he has been in both the ruling authorities
    and the opposition and addressed his statuses in both Armenia and
    Karabakh. Arthur Aghabekyan directs his words straightforwardly to
    Artsakh and its people," he said, adding that Artsakh has never been
    directly involved in presidential elections in Armenia.

    Ishkhanyan noted that the premier's remark was voiced during a speech
    in parliament.

    In later comments to, Vahan Hovhannesyan of the ARF-D Bureau
    said he believes Aghabekyan simply wanted to warn the people in
    Karabakh to avoid provokers.

    "I can only guess he meant the possible provokers who are by all
    means present at the square," Hovhannesyan told our reporter.