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Yirikian: I Want Every Employee To Be Responsible

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  • Yirikian: I Want Every Employee To Be Responsible


    13:18 20/03/2013 " SOCIETY

    VivaCell-MTS General Manager was hosted by Harvard Club of Armenia,
    as a guest-speaker, to lecture on the contemporary issues of business
    management and innovation, company's press service reported.

    The lecture covered important topics, with a particular focus on
    questions related to different aspects of Business Management and
    Leadership in Armenia, as well as covered questions connected to the
    development of human capital in Armenia. During the second half of the
    lecture, Ralph Yirikian presented the current state and tendencies of
    the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
    infrastructure in Armenia as compared to other countries of the region,
    and the role of telecommunications sector as a catalyst/driver of
    growth in other sectors of the economy, and IT sector, in particular.

    Harvard Club of Armenia, which gathers all Harvard alumni under one
    umbrella, is organizing meetings with renowned business people and
    scientists, encouraging them to share their knowledge and experience
    through interactive discussions.

    At the beginning of the lecture, Ralph Yirikian presented some
    observations on the current state and perspectives of the human
    capital development in Armenia based on the experience of VivaCell-MTS.

    "Among important assets such as technology, products and services,
    facilities, equipment, and others necessary for the operation, the most
    vital and important resource are the people, the Company's employees
    whom one cannot acquire from vendors and who are not easily available
    in the market. And the major challenge we faced at VivaCell-MTS from
    the very first day of operation was the scarcity of human resources. So
    at VivaCell-MTS, we chose to recruit newly-graduate students on the
    grounds that it would be much easier to start specialization from the
    scratch and also to instill the core corporate values from younger
    age," Yirikian said.

    Presenting the management culture of VivaCell-MTS, Ralph Yirikian
    said that his job as the General Manager is not to take all decisions
    about the business but to set strategies and objectives, and help
    the respective management work out how to reach them. "I want every
    employee to be responsible," he added.

    "Keeping up with R&D has been a priority for VivaCell-MTS, as a
    customer-centered telecommunications operator. And the stress is on
    constant innovation. Operator creates a value for the customer by
    being innovative. So one has to be forward looking, if he wants his
    company to differentiate from the competition and be on the edge of
    technological progress," Yirikian said.

    VivaCell-MTS' focus right now is on the expansion of its 4G network
    based on LTE technology, which was launched in December 28, 2011, for
    the first time in Armenia, for creating a better modern infrastructure
    for business, and this is by positioning Armenia as one of the top
    technologically-advanced countries not only on the regional level,
    but also globally. The actual speed provided by the 4G/LTE network
    is approximately 10 times higher than that of any currently operating
    3G networks.

    Telecommunications sector is the number one driver of the growth
    in the ICT sector. However, here Armenian companies should be
    proactive by taking the risk and supporting Armenian companies. For
    example, VivaCell-MTS prefers ordering software solutions for its
    infrastructure, developed by Armenian companies, in order to help
    the IT sector become Armenia's competitive advantage.


    From: Baghdasarian