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Ruben Hakobyan On Dialogue With Power

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  • Ruben Hakobyan On Dialogue With Power


    13:30 26/03/2013
    Story from News:

    Heritage member Ruben Hakobyan said during today's press conference in
    Freedom Square that one of the main achievements of the movement is
    the non-monopolization of the platform and the fact that the civil
    sector has the possibility to express its opinion. He noted with
    regret that the vocabulary of some ANC figures does not differ from
    the Republican lexicon. Hakobyan added that there are devoted people
    in the ANC, but some of them are against the movement.

    Dwelling on the issue of negotiations with the authorities, Heritage
    member said that dialogue is when even worst enemies sit and talk. He
    noted that being opposition and making a part of the state management
    is accepted in the whole world.

    As to the precedent of dialogue between the power and the Armenian
    National Congress, Ruben Hakobyan said that the existence of the
    precedent does not mean that they should be afraid of trying. In
    this context, Hakobyan thinks that if the political force has bars
    and immune system, it can go to dialogue keeping its principles and
    never lose. The bar, according to him, is in place now.

    He underlined that the culture of dialogue has been absent in Armenia
    since 1996 which makes the state and the society, as well as the
    power suffer. Heritage is trying to introduce this culture.

    Asked why Heritage demands only Serzh Sargsyan's resignation but
    not the resignations of the minister of justice, police chief and
    prime minister, Ruben Hakobyan said that there are forces, which keep
    demanding the resignation of the prime minister but don't demand the
    president's, but, according to him, prime minister has less powers
    than the chief security guard of an oligarch.

    Ruben Hakobyan noted that they demand revision of the rigged elections
    which means they demand the resignation of all officials which have
    any relation to the frauds.

    Asked why Heritage does not release the names of people it wants
    to appoint to the offices Serzh Sargsyan proposes, Ruben Hakobyan
    says that such attempts have been made, but those figures, whose
    candidacies were proposed, have been criticized.