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    Thursday, March 28th, 2013

    Glendale Votes 2013


    In February 2013, Mr. Armond Aghakhanian came 105 votes short of
    getting into the run-off elections for Burbank City School District.

    In March 2013, Mr. Sam Kbushyan came in 3rd place and did not advance
    to the run-off elections to represent parts of ~SLittle Armenia~T
    and surrounding areas of the 13th District of Los Angeles City.

    Both candidates worked diligently to secure the votes of Armenian
    and non-Armenian voters. The Armenian votes alone could have made
    a difference in both elections. While the percentage of Armenian
    voters casting a vote was well above that of others, less than 40%
    of the Armenian registered voters cast a vote. It is very likely that
    both gentlemen could have advanced to the run-off elections if more
    than 50% of the Armenian voters had voted.

    What will happen in Glendale? Will more than 50% of the registered
    Armenian-American voters cast a vote?

    If they do, the City of Glendale and its Armenian residents will win.

    The data provided by the City~Rs Election Center shows that
    approximately 50% of the vote by mail (VBM) ballots received by March
    22 were cast by citizens with Armenian names.

    This is encouraging, but not sufficient to conclude that 50% of the
    votes will be cast by citizens of Armenian descent. In the past few
    elections, we have seen the number of Armenians who vote on election
    day to be very low. Less than 40% of the people who voted at the
    polling location in the 2009 and 2011 city elections had Armenian
    names. We can shape the future by voting on April 2 and getting our
    relatives and friends to vote. This Easter Day will provide all of
    us an excellent opportunity to remind our family and friends to vote
    on April 2.

    The Armenian National Committee of America-Glendale (ANCA-Glendale)
    has partnered with Asbarez Daily, Shant/ARTN TV, Horizon Armenian
    TV, High Vision TV, AABC TV, AMGA, USArmenia TV and other Armenian
    newspapers and television content providers to increase awareness about
    the elections and encourage voters to cast a vote on election day.
    Starting noon on April 2, Armenian TV channels will provide live
    up-dates and information on where to vote and how to get rides to
    the voting locations.

    The ANCA-Glendale has urged Armenian employers to provide time-off
    to employees to cast a vote on election day.

    The ANCA-Glendale has recruited local transportation providers and
    dozens of volunteers to provide rides to individuals who will need
    assistance with going to the voting locations.

    The ANCA-Glendale has encouraged Armenian businesses and establishments
    to display the ANCA-Glendale poster publicizing its recommended list
    of candidates.

    Glendale~Rs City Clerk will have workers at each voting location who
    speak Armenian to assist people who are not fluent in English.

    More than 100 volunteers will canvass neighborhoods throughout
    Glendale on election day to remind and encourage people to vote.
    You can volunteer and help others vote. Send us an e-mail at
    [email protected] or call us at 818/234-3444 to volunteer.

    Will Mr. Ardashes ~SArdy~T Kassakhian get re-elected as City
    Clerk? Will Mr. Rafi Manoukian become the City~Rs Treasurer? Will Ara
    Najarian, Zareh Sinanyan, and Chahe Keuroghelian be elected to the
    City Council? Will Jennifer Freemon, Greg Krikorian, and Dr. Armina
    Gharpetian be elected to the GUSD School Board? Will measures A, B,
    and C be defeated?

    Your actions will determine the answer to these questions.

    Berdj Karapetian is the chairman of the Armenian National Committee
    of America-Glendale.