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Armenia's Football Federation Chairman On Team's Chief Coach's Resig

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  • Armenia's Football Federation Chairman On Team's Chief Coach's Resig


    13:11 ~U 29.03.13

    Closed sitting of the Executive Committee of Armenia's Football
    Federation took place today after which AFF Chairman Ruben Hayrapetyan
    gave a news conference.

    Starting the news conference he said that he came to brief on what
    happens in Armenia's football. He also said that the Executive
    Committee has not accepted resignation of team's chief coach Vardan

    Asked about the coach's decision and his rejection, Hayrapetyan said
    each person loses his spirits and the resignation submitted by Minasyan
    after 3 defeats is understandable. "I am the biggest critic.

    I have put an issue but we failed. But still I think that it was not
    Minasyan's fault. If he was not a hard working person and was not
    accepted by football players I would have accepted his resignation.

    But it was not his fault. The defeats in last three games have their
    reasons," Hayrapetyan stressed.

    Asked to comment on Minasyan's words before the match that Armenia's
    team was not put an issue to go to Brazil, while the AFF chairman has
    stated the opposite, Hayrapetyan said naturally the team should have
    pursued such goal. "Under the influence of a moment he made incorrect
    expressions, it is not peculiar to him. I would ask you not to adhere
    to words. The team was facing the issue to reach the final," he said.

    The chairman of the federation said there is no need of radical changes
    in the sphere and it is necessary to wait until those with injuries
    and those disqualified return and a good result will be achieved. "Of
    course there are certain issues, but I promise we will solve them,"
    he said.

    Asked to comment on midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan's comment that some
    football players of the team do not put heart and soul, Hayrapetyan
    said he had no right to say so. "He was excited. After the match
    1-2 football players behaved like clowns...Nevertheless, he had no
    right to say so. Only me and Vardan Minasyan may say such things,"
    the chairman of the Football Federation said.

    Hayrapetyan also said that it is not real to win in the rest 6 games.

    "The image of our team has been harmed. We should do everything
    possible to restore our image. We must prove that our team is strong.

    We must delight our people," he said.