2013-03-29 21:38:49

PAP MP Vardan Oskanyan wrote on his facebook page:

Reffering to municipal elections on May 5, he says: "This election is
strictly important. In formal terms, yes, it is a municipal election,
but as a matter of fact, it is of a state given Yerevan's weight
across the republic. With its potential and capacities, Yerevan is
a state within a state. I would like our society too, to treat this
election with maximum seriousness, considering its significance on
both political and municipal levels."

Elaborating on the political aspects of the process, Oskanyan says
further that the situation in Yerevan is almost the same as in the
country in general.

He then singles out four basic areas where he sees problems.

"The first are the questions relating to the Yerevan residents'
everyday life - water supply, waste disposal, transportation,
education, healthcare, opportunities for individuals with
Disabilities. Often, there's not only no progress, but also
deterioration. The question, however, is that all problems are possible
to solve in case of a proper and effective governance.

The second is the city's architectural appearance. We definitely have a
regress here. Illegal development activities, tasteless and dangerous
building roof extensions, architectural constructions incompatible
with the national [culture], etc. The mayor should have a primary task
to stop the capital city's distortion, and later think seriously of
re-establishing what we have lost over the course of years.

The third are the red tapes at the City Hall and the regional

And it is necessary to change the business environment in Yerevan,
creating equal opportunities for all businesses to enable their
participation and victory in the bids announced by the City Hall. It
is also important to increase the financial opportunities and set a
task to make Yerevan fully self-satisfied in financial terms," says
Oskanian, encouraging the Yerevan residents to actively take part in
the upcoming polls to help change the situation in the country.