2013-03-29 21:50:35

It turns out that in the lists of parties, which participate in
municipal elections of Yerevan there are also "saviors." We will
have time to address to the "saviors" of the other lists, but first
we'll turn to the main "savior" who takes the 17th position in RPA
list. Of course, many knew Hayk Demonyan in Armenia, but if ince
then this already quite mature young man has tried to stand out of
his scientific work, then in the upcoming elections as a scientist
ha once decided to conquer the part-title of "savior" of Yerevan.

Thus, explaining why he was in the list of the Republican Party,
how a scientist from Gyumri may be linked to the Council of Elders,
dealing with problems of sanitation, transportation and other issues
in Yerevan, he said that he feels responsible for the future of the
capital, not only as an ordinary citizen, but as director of the

Demoyan, being responsible for the accomplishment of one of the
largest green areas of the capital - the park on Tsitsernakaberd's
hill, he believes that his new status will significantly contribute
to the implementation of new programs on the improvement of the park
as a result of close cooperation with the relevant departments of
the City Hall.

"In addition, in the coming years numerous events dedicated to the
100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide will be organized in the
capital. So, I think that my membership in the Council of Elders can
play a significant role in the organization of these activities at
the appropriate level," Hayk Demoyan said.

In short, the fact that none of our highly esteemed builders did not
build one or two towers Tsitsernakaberd's park, or tried, but failed,
is only the merit of Hayk Demoyan.

Although, judging by the fact that from now Demoyan can worthily
add to his biography as an honorable 17th place in the list of the
Republican Party in the election of the Council of Elders, the heroic
past of the latter, probably, by some miracle has become available
to the Republican Party, and there is no need to wonder that the
Republican Party has acquired such a "discovery."

But how can this savior fight for improvement of one of the largest
green areas of the capital, while being in the list of Republican
Party? If until now he was able to save Tsitsernakaberd's park from
Taron Margaryan's encroachment, what is he going to do? Is Hayk
Demoyan going to sit all armed with 6 years in Tsitsernakaberd and
to meet the security of staff of City Hall with a sword?


Of course, all this can be treated with humor, but with all respect to
the genre of sarcasm it should be emphasized that the first performance
of Hayk Demoyan again confirmed long-known truth- when scientists and
artists decide to do the wrong business, in fact, when they suddenly
think to enter politics, every time curiosity gets tragic accents.

Lusine Kesoyan

From: A. Papazian