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Syrian Opposition Vows to Join Ranks with Assad if US Attacks Syria

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  • Syrian Opposition Vows to Join Ranks with Assad if US Attacks Syria

    Syrian Opposition Vows to Join Ranks with Assad if US Attacks Syria
    Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:24

    TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Syrian opposition figure warned Washington that
    all its interests in the region will be attacked by battalions of
    suicide bombers formed by the Syrian opposition forces if it dares to
    attack Syria, stressing that homeland is more important to the
    dissidents than opposition to the government.

    "Although, we are among the Syrian government's opposition forces, we
    assume our homeland's interests to be more important than any other
    interest and therefore, we have formed a number of battalions to
    conduct suicide operations and target the US interests in the
    Middle-East," Secretary-General of al-Shabab Party Mahir Marhaj told
    FNA on Saturday.

    He blasted the US and its allies' warmongering policies and threats,
    and said, "We in al-Shabab party are highly prepared to confront any
    war against Syria."

    Marhaj warned the White House against the consequences of war in
    Syria, and said even a limited western invasion of the country will
    turn into an open and unlimited war with unforeseen consequences when
    Damascus gives back its crushing response.

    The White House has signaled that Obama is still open to launching a
    `limited' strike against Syria after reports alleged that Syrian
    President Bashar al-Assad's government was responsible for a chemical
    gas attack that left hundreds of Syrians, including children, dead.
    The Syrian government has strongly rejected the accusation.

    But within Syria, opposition to foreign-backed military attack on
    Syria has grown. This can help end the Syrian crisis in a shorter
    time, military analysts say.

    The daily crimes committed by the foreign-backed militant groups have
    pushed many in the opposition to distant themselves from the
    dissidents and join ranks with the Damascus government.

    In one of such cases, more than 8,000 Syrian people tired of terrorist
    attacks gathered in Ibrahim Hanano square in Idlib in January to voice
    their hatred for terrorists and renew their support for the Syrian
    government and army as government troops made major advancements in
    various parts of the country.

    Also in January, in Homs, people in various districts, including
    Shaare' Al-Hazareh, Wadi Al-Dahab, Akramatel Jadidah, Hayezzahra and
    Armen marched in support of President Assad and the Syrian Army and
    asked for the exit of terrorists and armed groups from different parts
    of Homs.