Baku misrepresenting Yerevan as Azerbaijani city - historian

15:52 - 31.08.13

The Azerbaijani historians are in active efforts to represent Yerevan
as a one-time Azerbaijani city to the world, a history professor has
said, sharing his impressions of a recent conference in Moscow.

Gevorg Melkonyan, who introduced the Armenian Genocide issue at the
conference of young scholars from the CIS and Baltic states (Aug
21-29), told reporters on Saturday that his speech devoted to the
topic was not surprisingly enough interrupted by any Azerbaijani

`The Azerbaijani representative spoke about our country. He said the
Armenians were not indigenous people as they had come from Europe.
References were made to ancient Greek sources. They later introduced
Western Armenia as the main homeland of the Armenians, saying that the
Armenians later came to Eastern Armenia to settle, in quotes, on an
Azerbaijani territory,' he said.

As for an Azerbaijani historian's remark that Yerevan used to be an
Azerbaijani city which the country gave to the Armenians upon the
latter's request, Melkonyan said the speech provoked a big laughter
among the participants.

`Everybody knew about the Urartian history and the ancient Urartian
culture. Responding to the audience, they said `we have documents
which are in archive, so come and study them',' Melkonuan remembered.

Another ridiculous moment, he said, was the historian's speech devoted
to the History of Ancient Azerbaijani tribes.

`An acclaimed Russian historian interrupted him and asked to name at
least a couple of tribes. He gave Iranian tribes' names, to which the
Russian historian responded, `We don't understand if you are an
Azerbaijani or an Iranian'. So the speech didn't take place,' he said.

Melkonyan said further that unlike most of the participants, the
representatives from the Baltic states believed in the Azerbaijanis'
stories about the `Khojalu events'.

`The Azerbaijani propaganda machine worked quite well here, so we have
to learn lessons from all this. They are almost putting an equal sign
between the Sumgait events and Khojalu,' he said, noting that the
Azerbaijani made no single remark about Nagorno-Karabakh at the

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