Expert: Injighulyan's return will be the most reasonable solution
given by official Baku

14:19 31/08/2013 INTERVIEWS

Editorial of has turned to Angela Elibegova, candidate of
political sciences, for a comment on the situation occurred with the
former Azerbaijani citizen Firuz Farajev. Armenia due to
plenipotentiary international organizations, by the firm decision of
Farajev, passed him to a third State where he is granted the status of
a refugee.

- In 2012, the soldier of the Azerbaijani army preferred to cross the
border with Armenia and to surrender because of intolerable conditions
that exist in Azerbaijani army, at the same time Armenia fully
complied with Farajev's humanity and human rights. How do you comment
on this situation?

- The Republic of Armenia once again demonstrated an accurate
commitment of the undertaken international obligations and organized
Farajev's undertime transmission to a democratic country where he is
not at a risk, in contrast to Azerbaijan, where he refused to return.
Thereby, it is easy to track the nature of the measures undertaken on
both side. The official Baku, violating international norms,
demonstrates POW Hakob Injighulyan's "voluntary" interviews, while
Armenia is planning Farajev's transmission to a third country.

- What problems did Azerbaijan solve in that way?

- Azerbaijani propaganda tried to solve two problems: to divert the
public attention on the eve of the presidential elections and to exert
psychological pressure on Armenia. Transmitting Farajev to a third
country, Armenia once again proved that blackmailing and pressure by
the Azerbaijani side is senseless and ineffective.

Besides, such violation of international law by Azerbaijan is fixed in
international reports and is effectively used by the Armenian side in
the negotiations of Karabakh conflict settlement process. After all,
when the Azerbaijani authorities in their official statements say that
Armenia torpedoes the peace talks, the Armenian side always has
something to oppose, bringing a weighty counterargument. And thus
there is a bulk of counterarguments accumulated over the years of

- What steps will Azerbaijan undertake?

In this case the most reasonable solution for official Baku will be
Hakob Injighulyan's return. This is a chance for Azerbaijan to
demonstrate its commitment to a civilized way of solving the bilateral
problems; especially, when Azerbaijan, has already put itself in a
very difficult situation in connection with the murder of captivated
shepherd Manvel Saribekyan and repeatedly violates international