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Hairikyan Believes That Putin Wants To Restore The Russian Empire

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  • Hairikyan Believes That Putin Wants To Restore The Russian Empire


    September 18 2013

    On September 14, during a meeting in Georgian village Tekali, Paruyr
    Hayrikyan presented his book "To absolute democracy". In particular,
    he said,- "We all, Armenian, Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples,
    are the victims of the Bolshevik dictatorship. All our problems
    are coming from there. We need to always realize it and understand
    that when there is no mutual understanding in us, it means the the
    dictatorship is ruling that is imposed on us. It is very important
    for us that we take our fate in our hands. The main problem in the
    post-Soviet period was that not people solve the problem, but the KGB's
    former agents, in other words, the Bolshevik Empire now continues to
    exist with new rules, but the idea is still dominating. The issue
    of Armenian-Georgian border is a minor problem, but someone would
    like Armenians and Georgians live in peace, they managed to involve
    Azerbaijanis deep in the conflict, now they want Armenians to get
    into conflict with Georgians, then Armenia's dependence on Russia
    will grow. They already succeeded in doing a lot. In recent days,
    all Armenians were shocked at how it turned out, we were saying that
    we live in European values, we are going to Europe, suddenly, one day,
    the President made a sole statement that no, we prefer Putin Russia.

    It does not refer to Russia, the matter is about Putin Russia. And who
    is Putin? Putin regrets that the peoples liberated from the Soviet
    empire, he has repeatedly said, we were forced to call the Soviet
    Union, but it was Russia, the Russian empire, and our goal is to
    restore the Russian empire." Voskan SARGSYAN

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