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Arif Aliyev: There Are 20 Journalists In Azerbaijani Jails

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  • Arif Aliyev: There Are 20 Journalists In Azerbaijani Jails


    18:09 19/09/2013 " SOCIETY

    "It's hard to talk about the independence of the press on
    the background of the recent increase of arrests of Azerbaijani
    journalists. There are a number of serious problems in this area. The
    alread low level of media independence in the country is reducing
    day by day," told the head of the Azerbaijan Research Center of new
    generation of journalists, media expert Arif Aliyev to "Factheber"

    Arif Aliyev also noted that the reasons for the existing situation
    are the excessive limited financial resources and the monopoly of the
    advertising market in the media. "There are also serious problems
    with the arrest of journalists. Azerbaijan is one of the countries
    which has the highest number of imprisoned journalists in Europe. At
    the moment, there are 20 journalists that are in prison," he said.

    The expert also expressed his attitude on the arrest of the employee
    of "Bizim Yol" ("Our Way") newspaper and the director of the site
    "" Parviz Gashimli.

    "It is difficult to say anything about it at this moment, as we do
    not have serious facts. However, we were surprised by the way he
    was arrested. Why should the editorial office of the journalist,
    who is accused of attempting to smuggle weapons, be searched? How
    the smuggling is connected with his professional activity? The mass
    invasion of MNS to the journalist's apartment and aggression towards
    other members of the media who attempted to get closer to his home,
    give rise to some questions and doubts about Parviz Gashimli's arrest.

    The final decision will be announced after the disclosure of additional
    facts," said the head of the Research Center of the Azerbaijani
    journalists of new generation.

    The employee of independent newspaper "Bizim Yol" (Our way) and
    director of the site "" Parviz Gashimli was arrested on
    17 September 2013 Azerbaijan. Gashimli was detained at the editorial
    office of the site "" by the MNS officers. The MNS
    officers entered Gashimli's private house in Baladzhary village and
    the editorial office of "Bizim Yol" newspaper at the same time. MNS
    officers "found" 30 grenades and a pistol in Gashimli's house. Wife
    of the journalist noted that weapons were brought into the house by
    the MNS staff.