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BAKU: J. Gasanli : On Top Of Corruption Ilham Aliyev Himself

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  • BAKU: J. Gasanli : On Top Of Corruption Ilham Aliyev Himself


    Turan Information Agency
    September 18, 2013 Wednesday

    Baku/18.09.13/Turan : In an atmosphere of recrimination passed on
    September 17 the first public television debate of presidential
    candidates in the presidential election on October 9.

    However, many candidates did not lashed out at the authorities and the
    opposition. The candidate of the government, the current president
    Ilham Aliyev on TV debates did not appear and was represented by
    its executive secretary of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan" Ali
    Akhmedov .

    Of all the candidates with sharp criticism and denunciation to the
    authorities made ??the candidate of the National Council of Democratic
    Forces of Jamil Gasanli .

    He noted that the main issue is not handing out promises from election
    to election , but also to provide a report on the implementation of
    these promises.

    "Ilham Aliyev should participate in the debate . He does not want
    to be together with the other candidates, disrespects them, is not
    accountable to the people. Ilham Aliyev should answer the questions of
    the people. He should answer the questions on what money he bought in
    Dubai 5 villas that cost $ 75 million to his then 11-year-old son. He
    should answer the question. About this the Washington Post wrote.

    Only because of this fact in a normal country, the government would
    have taken down. There are documents about his (Aliyev's) companies
    in the Virgin Islands, the withdrawal from the country of 48 billion
    dollars. These funds are more than the state budget.

    He should talk about his family's companies in Panama.

    The son of the minister of agriculture has property for $ 26 million
    in London. This is only one minister . Should be disclosed information
    about a property abroad and other ministers , "- said Gasanli .

    He drew attention to the low level of salaries and pensions of the

    "Azerbaijan is an oil country . Azerbaijan experienced a peak in oil
    revenues . But look what salary? Those who take out billions abroad,
    do not give a normal salaries, pensions or normal . Pensions are so
    small , that the meetings of the government authorities are ashamed
    to talk about them in local and express them in dollar terms. At the
    head of corruption in the country is itself Ilham Aliyev . Why voters
    should vote for this government ? Look how paltry are salaries and
    pensions that they are missing out on medicines prescribed in just
    one prescription," said Gasanli .

    Authorized representative of Ilham Aliyev, Ali Akhmedov , in turn ,
    called the speech by Gasanli fiction, "newspaper materials that are
    not based on documents and do not have proof."

    He further stated that Gasanli 2 years ago early retirement in order
    to receive an increased parliamentary pension. According to Akhmedov ,
    the option of early retirement or have mothers with many children ,
    or people with disabilities.

    "But you do not look sick . You are either a crook or must prove your
    disability " - Akhmedov said .

    "No, I'm not sick - Gasanli retorted attack from Akhmedov. - Sick
    are those who have brought the country into a difficult position. On
    the exam in their native language 42 percent of the students received
    "two" .

    Sick are those who take out the people's money abroad , arrest
    believers , tossing them drugs," said Gasanli.

    Independent nominee , MP Zahid Oruc more talked about ways to fight
    the opposition, criticized it and personally Gasanli.

    According to Oruc, accusations of Ilham Aliyev in the foreign media
    came after he spoke out against opening the border between Turkey
    and Armenia .

    Leader of Umid , MP Iqbal Aghazadeh said that the authorities do
    not solve the country's problems . According to him , voters do not
    believe the current government .

    Most voters are dissatisfied with their lives. The life of doctors ,
    teachers, pensioners has become worse.

    Aghazadeh is for change in the country. " Where there is no change,
    there is violation of human rights . Where there is a change ,
    there's a development," said Aghazadeh .

    In his view, power should be also subject to recall.

    According to him, the Presidents of the United States and Europe
    change not because they poorly manage, but namely because no change
    worsens the situation.

    "The conduct of Azerbaijan's courts , the police, the government is
    so unbearable that if you do not change them, they will change your
    life for the worse," Aghazadeh said , referring to the voters .

    In his view, people often worry that a change would be violated
    stability. "Stability can be saved and 20 years. However, when, after
    such a long period of stagnation suddenly the processes of change, it
    is accompanied by major disasters. An example is the Middle East. To
    avoid this in the future, change is needed, " said Aghazadeh .

    The representative of the head of the Justice Party, MP Ilyas Ismailov,
    Mutallim Rahimov focused on the big statist experience of the candidate
    , who in the days of the Soviet Union occupied high posts .

    According to Rahimov , none of the other candidates do not have
    such experience.

    The head of the party Modern Musavat Hafiz Hajiyev accused the National
    Council of cooperation with the Armenians and criticized Jamil Gasanli
    . Hajiyev at the same time said that being a follower of Elchibey ,
    he had more right to be the only candidate from the opposition.

    The leader of the Movement of National Revival Party , MP Faraj Guliyev
    promised to return to the country the oil money contained in foreign
    banks. He also proposes land plots and housing for youths returning
    from the army.

    Guliyev also accused the members of the National Council of connection
    with the Armenians.

    The Democratic Party leader Sardar Jalaloglu drew attention to the
    fact that Azerbaijan according to the UN report is the 17th in the
    number of people leaving the country.

    Azerbaijanis have reached even Australia, on the far outskirts of the
    Russian Azerbaijanis live , even in places where there are no Russian .

    The reason for that is poor socio -economic status , and lack of rule
    of law.

    "My main goal is to build social and legal state," said Jalaloglu.

    The leader of the Social Democratic Party Araz Alizadeh considers
    that the motherland has three supports - the mother , the teacher
    and the military .

    Mothers have to raise their sons and therefore are worthy of a
    prosperous life. Teachers give all education and deserve a high
    salary. Army protects the homeland, and therefore must be professional
    and and prosperous.

    However, Alizadeh said that repeated election of one candidate as
    the president can not lead to disaster.

    However, he said that for 16 years Helmut Kohl was Chancellor of
    Germany, Thatcher ruled for many years and it did not lead to
    authoritarianism. "When changes occur on the model of the Arab
    Spring , it all ends in bombing . Let us recall the fate of Mursi,"
    said Alizadeh.

    He also opposed the National Council and the statements by Jamil
    Gasanli .

    The leader of the Popular Front of United Azerbaijan Gudret Gasanguliev
    called for a transition to a parliamentary republic .

    He also suggests to rename the Republic of Azerbaijan to North
    Azerbaijan Republic , for three quarters of Azerbaijanis liveg in
    South Azerbaijan, Iran.

    He criticized the scientific works by Gasanli and opposition leaders
    represented in the National Council . -03B06-