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Thread: OSCE Monitoring Group Content With Conditions They Work In

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    Kalashian Nyrie

    OSCE Monitoring Group Content With Conditions They Work In


    01 Feb 05

    On January 30, Yuri Merzlyakov, Steven Mann and Bernard Fassier,
    co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk group, arrived in Stepanakert with the
    members of the monitoring mission. Arman Melikian, NKR deputy foreign
    minister, received them and represented the position of the republic's
    authorities to the territories under the control of NKR, emphasizing
    that the monitoring of the situation will help the international
    community have an objective view of the refugees'life. He expressed
    readiness to cooperate with the OSCE mission and said that all the
    required conditions will be created for their work and stay. The
    monitoring mission will be allowed to visit each region they wish. The
    sides discussedissues concerning the activities of the monitoring
    group in NKR in the course of the reception at the NKR Foreign

    Arkady Ghukasian received the members of the monitoring group later,
    on the same day. Arkady Ghukasian emphasized the importance of the
    OSCE initiativeand said that formerly Stepanakert applied to the Minsk
    group suggesting to carry out such a monitoring to refute all the
    unfair charges brought by Azerbaijan. Arkady Ghukasian informed the
    members of the monitoring mission that the NKR authorities conduct no
    state policy of inhabiting in the regions under monitoring. Mainly the
    Armenians that had to leave their homes in Azerbaijan live there and
    the state only secures elementary conditions for the life of these
    people there.

    Arkady Ghukasian expressed readiness to support all the activities of
    the monitoring mission. At the same time, Mr. Ghukasian suggested them
    to visitalso the regions of Nagorno Karabakh that are currently
    occupied by the Azeri army to have a clear view of the situation in
    the region.

    Emily Haber, head of the monitoring group, thanked NKR authorities for
    creating all the required conditions for effective work and stated
    that the activities of the mission will last 10 days.

    After these two meetings, Yuri Merzlyakov and Emily Haber held a
    briefing. Yuri Merzlyakov, said, in particular, that it is no
    ordinary visit to the region for the co-chairs. Briefly touching upon
    the aim of their visit, Yuri Merzlyakov represented Emily Haber.

    "We know about very interesting details. I am sure that these details
    will help evaluate the situation. This mission is a technical one, we
    have to check the facts and represent the relevant report to the Minsk
    group co-chairs," Mrs. Haber said.

    By Kim Gabrielian in Stepanakert

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