The New Anatolian, Turkey
Jan 1 2008

Academician responds to Armenian parliament demands

The New Anatolian / Ankara
01 January 2008

A Turkish scholar, who is also the chairman of the Association to
Fight Against Baseless Genocide Allegations, said Monday that
Armenian lawmakers were living in a world of dreams, while commenting
on demands of the Armenian parliament.

"Armenian parliament once again stated expressly that they will not
give up emity," said Savas Egilmez, a professor at Ataturk
University, in eastern province of Erzurum.

In a special session on December 19 and 20, Armenian Parliament asked
Turkey to annul article 301th of Turkish Penal Code and re-draw the
border between the two countries according to (the null and void)
Treaty of Sevres, Egilmez recalled.

"They prepared a bill of 14.5 billion USD regarding the incidents of
1915," Egilmez recalled. "They are living in a world of dreams," he

Egilmez said Turkish people expect an apology from Armenia for
massacres committed by Armenian gangs during the WWI.

"In order to establish political and economic relations with this
country, Turkish people expect Armenia to apologize for massacres,
demolish the so-called genocide monument and remove several articles
and allegations (that are against Turkey) from their constitution ,"
he added.