Xinhua General News Service, China
January 1, 2008 Tuesday 9:25 AM EST

Armenian president emphasizes stability in New Year address


Presidential election scheduled for Feb. 19 will become a guarantee
of stability over the next five years if it is held at a proper
level, Armenian President Robert Kocharian said in a New Year
televised address to the nation.

"There is no sense to speak about successes without stability,"
Kocharian said, adding that he believes in Armenia's prosperous
future and in the potential of its people.

The past year was one of the "most successful years" in the country's
recent history, he said.

"The authorities focused on the strengthening of security, the
economy, the social sphere and democracy. Economy continued growing
at a fair rate, too," the president said.

Armenia gained more international prestige and its integration in
international associations increased as well, he said, "The
parliamentary election in May showed maturity of the Armenian society
and its encouraging attitude towards reforms we're implementing."

"All these achievements provide a guarantee that the year 2008 will
also be a success," Kocharian said.

This was Kocharian's last New Year address to the nation as a
president. His second five-year term of office comes to an end in
2008 and according to the Armenian Constitution he can't run for
presidency for another time.