Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Jan 2 2008

US President approves the bill to cut assistance to Armenia by $17.5

[ 02 Jan 2008 23:06 ]

US President has signed the 2008 fiscal year aid bill which is to
provide $17.5 million less to Armenia compared to 2007, APA Bureau

The bill, signed by President Bush, is an unchanged version of the
budget expenditures item passed by the both houses a day earlier.

The 2008 overall package, known as the omnibus bill, envisions
providing $58.5 million in economic assistance to Armenia within the
Freedom Support Act.

The omnibus aid bill includes $19 million for Azerbaijan.
Also, the United States will render $3 million in foreign military
financing (FMF) assistance to Armenia and Azerbaijan in equality.
The 2008 budget items infuriated the US-based Armenian organizations.