Hürriyet, Turkey
Jan 3 2007

Developments in Hrant Dink murder case

Final word on the much-debated age of the prime suspect in the case
of the killing of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, Trabzon resident
"O.S.", is set to be issued in the Istanbul 14th Criminal Court.
While O.S.'s identity card states his age as 17, medical records and
documents insist he is actually 19.

In the meantime, a delegation of members from the Turkish
Parliament's Human Rights Commission are scheduled to meet with the
Dink family tomorrow in their Bakirkoy home. The meeting is expected
to bring together Hrant Dink's brother, Orhan Dink, and commission
members for talks on the ongoing investigation. Dink has called on a
"deepening" and more "independent" stance in the investigation by
Trabzon security forces. Trabzon is the Black Sea city where not only
the prime suspect in Dink's murder, but many other key figures, came