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Jan 3 2007

Repeating history with innocent Kurds

Written by Thanos Kalamidas - OVI Magazine
Thursday, 03 January 2008

There is something going on at the north borders of Iraq that seems
like nobody gives the necessary weight. The victims at the moment are
between the innocent and they count only to tens and the refugees to
just a few hundred but the situation is escalating fast and soon it
will look like an open wound in an area that has too many... some of
them lethal.

At this very moment, it doesn't matter the excuses or how we like to
call it, Turkey is invading Iraq killing innocents and driving others
into refugee status and that's the reality. Turkey has a past of
militaristic acts like that and has already created a status quo with
the indigence and sometimes support of the international community in
other places. Turkey once more in her history commits an
international crime and the rest of the world is just watching.

Before I start getting comments or mails - Greek talking, hates Turks
and the rest that usually don't help the argument - I want to make
something clear, I have nothing against the Turkish people, I have
travelled a lot around Turkey and I think the Turkish people are
equally victims of the military dictatorship that works behind the
curtains for decades. Whether they like it or not, Greece and Turkey
are neighbours and they are going to be next to one another for ever.
Perhaps Greece would wish to neighbour Switzerland and Turkey would
feel more comfortable neighbouring Saudi Arabia but ...this is the

They are one next to the other and they have to learn live one next
to the other; after all, prosperity comes with unity not in a
conflict and the faster they both understand it the better it will
be. At the same time Zimbabwe is not Greece's neighbour and I do
often attack with my articles Zimbabwe's dictator Mugabe and I do the
same with the Iranian dictators, with Pakistan's Musharaf and a
number of others. This has nothing to do with neighbouring but with

It has to do with democracy and the shadow dictators of Turkey that
have ruled the poor country since the beginning of the 20th century
behind or in the front of the curtains, the officers that keep the
average Turk back in the dark ages, poisoning them with nationalism,
their paramilitary fascist groups like the `gray wolves' will find me
opposite till they vanish or I die. And this has nothing to do with
me being Greek and them Turks, this has to do with principals if they
can understand the word.

What is going on the northern borders of Iraq is devastating and
despite all the warnings from the local authorities and the Iraqi
politicians nobody seems to be willing to do anything. Turkey has a
double target. One target is the Kurdish organization PKK and the
other is the oil, using the excuse of a small minority of Turkish who
live in the Kurdish area. I think the first target is there as a
cover up for the second and they work on it slowly and methodically.
It is too easy nowadays to call somebody terrorist but the question
remains, who is terrorist and who is liberator?

Was Yasir Arafat a terrorist or a liberator? His organization was
responsible for the massacre in the Munich Olympics; still nowadays
the very same organization is the only credential negotiator for the
Palestinian problem. Mr. Arafat was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize and
was invited often in the White House. Still the very same man was
informed and led series of terrorist hits all around the world
including suicide bombers and skyjackings. Israel never stopped
considering him a terrorist and wishing his death. What's the
difference with the Kurdish PKK leader Mr. Ocalan? How can the
Turkish government excuse their agreement into a creation of a
Palestinian state inside Israel and the demand of an Israeli withdraw
while they reject exactly the same thing from the Kurds?

But as I said before the Turks do all that because they keep an eye
on the northern Mosul oil fields, some of the richest in Iraq and
with the Kurds in control. What will happen if the Americans keep
their hidden agenda with the Kurds for their help in the war against
Saddam and they help them to build a Kurdish state? A state that will
be totally independent if not rich with the help of these oil fields,
a state that can be the beginning of a new situation with the Kurds
who live in Turkey and Iran. A state that will endanger the plans of
the Turkish army in the area. The truth is that Erdogan, the Turkish
PM tried, and he tried hard to modernize Turkey and move the army
back to their barracks instead of the conspiring back rooms. But just
like everybody before him he had to withdraw in front the army's
plans for his survival and when it comes to Turkey we are not talking
only for his political survival but for his physical survival also.
So the PM and the government one more depend their survival on the
wishes of the army and in extent they are just following their orders
which in this case are, invade Iraq.

Iraq is defenceless and this is a fact and the Iraqi leaders know
well that the Americans are not going to help so they try to survive
the crisis with the minimum coast. The Turkish army didn't invade
Iraq to hunt a few hundreds of PKK members, they invaded Iraq to take
over and promote their main plan and the timing is perfect with the
situation internationally, in USA regarding Iraq and Iraq itself.
They have done it before. They have illegally invaded Cyprus, an
independent country and thirty years after they negotiate with the
invaded like equals. And all that with the US blessing, why would it
be different this time?

The Turkish army and their paramilitary allies inside the Turkish
society have long worked their wind into the people's minds and they
have brainwashed them to believe that the Kurds are evil. They have
already started working their way into vanishing the language and the
customs of the Kurdish population inside Turkey; hunting them now as
terrorist abroad they might give them the same end they gave to the
Armenians who lived ones in the Ottoman Empire.

But as I said in the beginning despite the Turkish army secret
agenda, putting aside the controversy case of the Kurds and all the
terrorist talk there is the reality of women getting killed in
northern Iraq from the Turkish army, there is the reality of hundreds
of Kurdish families, women and children's that started moving from
their houses to the south looking somewhere to survive the Turkish
airplanes bombs and the Turkish army, and of course just like it
happened thirty years ago in Cyprus, the world is ...just watching!