American Chronicle, CA
Jan 3 2008

Turkey and France - the future of a centuries old conflict

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
January 3, 2008

In an earlier article under the title 'Turkey vs. France: a Clash -
Part of the Freemasonic Plan for Europe', we interpreted the present,
gravely Anti-Turkish, stance of France as part of a long plan,
initially addressed against the Ottoman Empire, and currently
implemented in order to produce - through sophisticated machinations
- a clash between European Union and a Russian - Turkish alliance. We
stressed the point that the only way for Turkey to possibly
outmaneuver this ominous plan is to deal with the Anglo-French
Freemasonic establishments in the same way they deal with Turkey.

As we viewed all the expressions of Anti-Turkish policy - from
opposition to Turkey's presence in Northern Iraq to the fallacious
'Armenian Genocide' story promotion and from fueling terrorism and
secessionism among the so-called Kurds to partial attitudes toward
Kosova and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - as emanations of
the same vicious plan, we recommended a severe retaliation against
France and England. In the present article, we will focus extensively
on the subject.

Lessons to take from the Ottoman Empire Collapse

As the Anti-Turkish plans of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge that
controls the Anglo-French political establishments are a simple
continuation of the demolition project of the Ottoman Empire, a
careful study of what happened and what did not happen then becomes

As a matter of fact, the Ottoman Empire never counter-attacked the
Western European colonial powers that presented viciously alternating
faces, now anti-Ottoman (when entering in war in order to either
invade and detach Ottoman provinces or fuel supposedly local
anti-Ottoman rebellions) and after a while seemingly pro-Ottoman
(when they supported the Sultan against Russia).

As the Ottoman Empire was, as political entity, completely different
>From Turkey, involving different ideological backgrounds, we will not
analyze here the reasons of the quasi-inexistent Western European
policy of the Sultan; they mostly pertain to the ignorance, darkness,
and barbarism that had prevailed within Islam, the situation that we
currently attest in backward, failed countries like Pakistan, Saudi
Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, etc. This
situation took an end in Turkey with the rise of Kemal Ataturk to
power, and thanks to his groundbreaking innovations that the
illiterate and ignorant tyrants of the so-called 'Arabic-speaking
countries' are unable to implement today, 70 years after Kemal
Ataturk's death.

The Ottoman authorities never imagined that Knowledge is of
primordial importance in the clash between two inimical countries and

The Ottoman authorities never understood that the only way for them
to be in a position to hit back was to know about their adversaries
as much as they had known about the Ottoman Caliphate.

The Ottoman authorities never realized that France and England were
also weak countries with their problems; and they never discovered
the very simple reality that if Ottoman specialists studied
thoroughly these problems, they would be able to figure out effective
ways of successfully using them against the Anglo-French

If the Ottoman authorities had sent, at a certain moment during the
early 19th century, 100 students to France to study the local
languages, society, culture, politics, history, antiquities, and
religions, and to contact the various indigenous nations that had
been monstrously oppressed, tyrannized, depersonified, and
dehumanized for the needs of the French Freemasonic establishment,
after some time the Ottoman administration would have got enough
information to shape a correct decision.

This would imply Ottoman involvment in Ireland and Scotland against
England, and in Corsica, Brittany, Occitania, Catalonia, Bask country
against France. By keeping an adversary busy at home, you get relief
>From that opponent's pressure on you on your own soil. If Ottoman
infiltration in Brittany and Corsica was strong enough, the explosive
situation at home would let the French understand that fueling
rebellion and secessionist movements in the Ottoman Empire would be
extremely costly. Either France would reconsider its anti-Ottoman
policies or the French engagement in areas of the Ottoman Empire
would be weaker due to the urgent need for resources an explosion in
the terribly oppressed provinces of Brittany or Corsica would

How Turkey's French policy should be.

At this point, we will present the basic axes of a consistent French
policy of Turkey, geared to create grave problems to Paris, and
convince the perfidious French Freemasonic establishment that it will
be impossible to maintain in the future the current Anti-Turkish
stance and conspiracy.

Academic, financial, political and military authorities in Turkey
must understand that France and England are not powerful countries
that nobody can possibly target and damage. Of course, in terms of
GDP, trade, governmental budget, and nuclear weaponry, France and
England look more powerful than Turkey, but one should not judge
exclusively based on figures, and ignore ground realities.

In fact, France and England, are nowadays at their recent history's
lowest point. Both countries exercise their influence by means of
proxies promoted either in other European countries or in their
former colonies. That's why they perfectly market their universities
in order to have ignorant and unsuspicious foreign students enrolled
there and thus transformed into French and English proxies either
they realize it or not. They mostly rely on the efficiency of the
colonial system the structures of which remained intact until now
because no other countries duly identified, perceived and analyzed
the reasons of its functionality. Both countries benefitted
enormously from the fake European Union project because through this
vicious plan French and English companies bought up the economies of
small countries, thus rendering them mere political satellites.

But France and England are weak, and France is weaker than England,
thanks to the disastrous Mitterrand and the calamitous Chirac
presidency. Due to globalization, their economies lost pace, whereas
China's and India's cheap products invade one market after the other,
thus contributing to France's and England's de-industrialization.
Social clashes are grave, and not correctly reported in the world's
mass media.

Their European, African and Asiatic minorities, formed following an
incredible influx of immigrants aspiring to become Gastarbeiter,
contributed to mayhem of all aspects, social, cultural, religious,
educational and political. Lower social strata of indigenous peoples
have merged with these minorities, joining them in an overwhelming
rejection of the ruling upper middle classes. The striking economic
differences that currently exist between the two parts of the local
societies (the upper and the lower) consist in an excellent
opportunity for Turkey (and any other) to exploit through proper
subsidizing and guidance. The so-called societies of two thirds are
extremely weak structures.

Turkey needs at least 100 specialists specialized in modern France
(involving various local languages, History, Religion, Politics and
Sociology) within the next few years; of course, proper guidance
should be given to them beforehand. They must have a general idea of
the terrible clashes between the Gaelic (Gaulois) and the Frankish
elements that characterized the medieval and modern history of the
treacherous country that shamefully portrays itself as the cradle of
the modern European Democracy.

All the conflicting elements must be highlighted, the correct
connections made, and proper support given to Corsicans, Bretons,
Basks, Catalans and Occitans who must be incited to rebelion, attacks
of all sorts against the criminal, French Freemasonic establishment,
and secession. What France created in the Iraqi Kurdistan against
Turkey, Turkey must produce, pertinently retaliating, in Brittany,
Corsica, and elsewhere on French territory.

National movements and social clashes must plunge France into an
unprecedented turmoil and totally exhaust the national resources of
that malignant, and viciously Anti-Turkish country.

Empty the Louvre!

Turkey must cause a lethal blow to France's image of Embodiment of
Culture, Epitome of Education, and Epicenter of the Lights. Instead
of foreign governments asking the return of archeological treasures
stolen by the criminal French archeologists, local organizations set
up by correctly guided immigrants, destitute French of the lower
classes, and (culturally and nationally awaken) Britons, Occitans,
Catalans, Corsicans, Alsatians and Basks of France must demand the
morally imposed action.

An organization named "Do not visit the Louvre Genocide" must daily
mobilize protestations and manifestations outside the former royal
palace of France to prevent tourists from visiting the stolen
collections that the French have disreputably gathered there over the
past two centuries.

Another organization named "Money to France's victims, not thieves"
should collect money from tourists ready to visit night clubs,
casinos and cabarets, and fund NGOs engaged in former French

Independence for Catalonia, Bask Country, Corsica, and Polynesia

Even more aggressive against France the Turkish foreign policy should
be in cases of the still existing French colonies; French Polynesia
should become an immediate Turkish concern, and Turkey with its
allies in Oceania, Australia and New Zealand, should fuel strife and
clash, insurgence, and a successful outcome of the indigenous
people's liberation movement.

A global effort of methodic and systematic defamation of France must
be undertaken - not to diffuse lies (as the typical French policies
would in similar cases) but to reveal the truth to billions of people
allover the world about crimes perpetrated by the France in Africa
and the Middle East, in Asia (particularly with respect to the
Eastern Christians, the Aramaeans, and the Armenians, whom French
gangsters masqueraded as missionaries either multi-divided or turned
them their own countries, namely the Ottoman Empire and Iran, with
the well-known disastrous consequences) and in Oceania. French
colonial crimes in America should not be forgotten either.

It is impossible for Turkey to get successfully engaged against
France without 100 Ph.D. published, publicized, commented and quoted
in more than 10 languages allover the world.

Remove French Cultural Centers from allover the world!

Another effort should be deployed in the former French colonies;
through the formation of bilateral NGOs (Turkish / Algerian, Turkish
/ Syrian), all French colonial deeds carried out and policies
implemented against the normal formation of National Identity (of the
various colonized peoples) and the elaboration of a true, locally
centered, historiography should be denounced.

Accordingly, these NGOs, as social groups of pressure, should demand
that all French institutes and colleges, universities and cultural
centers in Damascus or Sanaa, Cairo or Rabat be closed down, as
diffusing racist versions and visions of History.

As a matter of fact, Turkey needs a theoretical background to fight
at an academic - cultural - political level against France, denounce
the French colonial crimes (either in Morocco or in Corsica), and
mobilize local masses allover the world against France (either in
oppressed, Gaelic, Brittany or in semi-liberated Tunisia).

What the theoretical background of the Turkish attack against France
should be we will analyze in a forthcoming article. ticle.asp?articleID=47799