Anatolia News Agency, Turkey
Dec 5 2007

Turkish agency gives details of Turkish president's visit to USA

Ankara, 5 January: Turkish President Abdullah Gul will visit the
United States between 7 and 11 January as the formal guest of US
President George W. Bush.

Gul will depart from Ankara for US at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.

On January 8th, Gul will meet US Secretary of State Condoleezza
Enhanced Coverage LinkingSecretary of State Condoleezza

Rice, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defence Secretary Robert Gates.
At 6:10 p.m., Gul will meet Bush, and they will hold a joint press
conference after their meeting.

Following his meetings at White House, Gul will proceed to Turkish
Embassy in Washington and hold a press conference to Turkish

On January 9th, Gul will proceed to New York and meet UN Secretary
General Ban Ki-moon over dinner. Gul will pursue his meetings in New
York on 10 January too.

He will have a breakfast with Turkish and US businessmen and finance
circles. Gul will also give conference on Turkish-US relations at
Foreign Policy Council, and meet representatives of several Jewish
organizations and leaders of Mesketian Turks the same day.

Gul will depart from the United States on 10 January.

Many regional and international matters including fight against
terrorism, energy cooperation, bill on Armenian allegations, future
of Iraq as well as status of Kirkuk will be discussed during Gul's

Gul, during his meeting with UN SG Ki-moon, will discuss Iraq and
Cyprus issues as well as Turkey's candidacy for non-permanent
membership to UN Security Council.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, Energy & Natural Resources
Minister Hilmi Guler and State Minister Mehmet Simsek will accompany