H. Res. 106 may be put on a vote in mid-January

05.01.2008 15:57

The Armenian Genocide Resolution (H. Res. 106) may be put on a vote in
the plenary session of the US House of Representatives in January 2008,
Democrat Bred Sherman declared after the meeting with House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi.

`The bill will be brought to a vote, when we have the support of the
necessary number of Congressmen. Possibly, the voting will take place
in January 2008,' Bred Sherman declared.

Let us remind that Nancy Pelosi had recently reconsidered her decision
to put the bill on a vote before November 22. Most probably, the
Speaker's doubts connected with the success of the vote are connected
with the fact that several members of House of Representatives withdrew
their support.

The Turkish press associates Mrs. Pelosi's doubts with the pressure
from Israel.
Israeli President Shimon Peres called Speaker Pelosi and Chairman of
eth Foreign Relations Committee Tom Lantos to say that the passage of
the resolution would cause serious damage to the United States and