08 January, 2008

The All Armenian Catholicos Garegin II announced 21 January the Day
of St Sargis this year. St Sargis is one of the popular saints in
Armenia. He died for the sake of Christian belief together with his
son Martiros and 14 soldiers.

St Sargis day is celebrated not only by rituals and prayers, but
also by national traditions. St Sragis is the patron saint of young
lovers. He makes their dream come true. Young people pray to him and
the Saint helps them.

Unmarried young people eat a piece of salty bread in the evening,
ideally after fasting all day, in the hope of dreaming about their
future husbands or wives.

Tradition says the man or the woman who brings them water in the dream
will be the person they marry. On that day young people in love give
each other sweets and postcards as a mark of love.