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Jan 7 2008

The Swedish far-left, anti-racist organization expo recently released
a publication ( PDF, in Swedish) entitled "kriget mot islam," "the
war against islam," in which they worried about an increasing trend
towards "organized islamophobia" in the west. according to them,
"Parallel with the growth of SIOE, a new anti-Islamic network of
academics, bloggers and politicians is taking shape. The network has
no formal name, but meets at so-called anti-Jihad conferences. The
first known meeting was in Copenhagen on the 14th of April this year.

Behind the event was the network Center for Vigilant Freedom (CVF)."

As the publication says: "According to one of the most influential
bloggers in the anti-Islamic blogosphere, Baron Bodissey, CVF functions
as a 'network of networks. The idea is to gather all counter-Jihad
groups under one umbrella to ease the gathering of information and
experiences.'" The publication mentions the Brussels meeting in
October, and states that "among those attending were a number of
well-known right-wing extremists." An example of these "right-wing
extremists" is Israeli politician Arieh Eldad. Expo also talks
about Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard and author Robert Spencer,
the founder of Jihad Watch.

The text continues: "During the Cold War the extreme Right joined
in on the anti-Communist rhetoric. In connection with the increased
immigration to Europe it was suddenly Multiculturalism that made
up the external threat. In the aftermath of the War on Terror and
increasing distrust of Muslims, now suddenly it is the anti-Islamic
rhetoric that makes up the new platform for the extreme Right. But
there is a problem: Despite the fact that there is great acceptance for
xenophobic parties within the anti-Islamic networks, they don't want to
be dirtied by having too clear attachments to openly Fascist groups."

Notice how Expo compares the criticism of the "extreme Right" regarding
Communism, which threatened world peace for generations, to today's
criticism of Islam. I suppose former US President Ronald Reagan,
who called the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire" and helped bring down
the Berlin Wall, is among these right-wing extremists?

Expo's founder Stieg Larsson was a long-time Communist who met his
future wife during a support meeting for the FNL, the pro-Communist
National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. It's interesting
that they think Multiculturalism has now taken the place which
Communism used to occupy. Some of us have been arguing this before,
but with a different emphasis.

Expo again: "The anti-Islamic bloggers and activists see themselves
as defenders of European values. Nazi, Fascist and homophobic groups
simply do not fit into this self-image. But with a promise of respect
for human rights and a clear pro-Israeli policy, right-wing populists
and right-wing extremists are welcomed into the fold."

So, these alleged "right-wing extremists" have a clear pro-Israeli
policy. That's good to know.

"Out of the 45 [Islamophobic] websites and blogs Expo has discovered,
more than half have been created during the past two years. Put
together, these websites have created a new Islamophobic universe
where visitors are quickly drawn into a world of frightening images of
suicide bombers and cartoons mocking women wearing veils. Texts that
should be banned, about how Muslims cannot adjust [to our societies]
and how politicians are doing Islam's bidding, are being published
daily." Moreover, "Expo's investigations show that 22 of the 45
anti-Islamic websites are run by persons who have chosen to remain

Yes, they have. And has Expo reflected on exactly why so many people in
their "free" country now dare not use their own name? Is it possible
that Expo and their comrades have contributed to this repressive
political climate?

Expo again: "Anti-Islamic blogs and websites exploit the legitimate
debate about extreme Islamism. They use the religious fundamentalism
as proof that all of Islam and/or all of the world's Muslims are a
threat to democracy, to freedom of speech, to 'our' ( i.e.

non-Muslims') very existence." They mention Swedish journalist and
blogger Kurt Lundgren as well as the Danish blog Snaphanen as examples
of Islamophobic websites.

"Among the Nordic states, Denmark is the country where Islamophobia
has gained the strongest roots. The Danish People's Party have, with
the demagogue Pia Kjærsgaard in a leading role, [verbally] harassed
Muslims for years. Just like in Sweden, a number of extreme Rightist
and openly Nazi groups spreading Islamophobic propaganda exists." In
Sweden, "it's the equivalent of the Danish People's Party, the Sweden
Democrats, who have made Islamophobia into politics."

Expo is worried about the international connections of these
sites: "The Swedish bloggers gain inspiration from their foreign
counterparts. Little Green Footballs was among the first who,
depending upon your viewpoint, warned against extreme Islamism or
started spreading modern Islamophobia. Lately, however, the site's
criticism of Islam has turned into pure hatred of Muslims. The
journalist RJ Smith of Los Angeles Magazine for instance wrote in
an article last year that Little Green Footballs is a 'dysfunctional
mix of beautiful photos that [blogger Charles] Johnson takes during
his bicycling trips and constitutionally protected hate speech' which
'assumes all Muslims to be terrorists until proven otherwise.'"

Expo also states that Gates of Vienna is another leading and frequently
cited English language blog, which just like LGF fronts conspiracy
theories and prejudice against Islam.

One of the co-founders of Expo, Tobias Hubinette, wrote in 1996 (Creol
no 1 1996 and "Svartvitt"): "To feel and even think that the white
race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards
to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the
white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural,
racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!"

- - - - - - - - - I found several references to this quote online and
asked Swedish blogger Kurt Lundgren if he could get his readers to
check out the original, written source. One of them did, and could
confirm that the quote was authentic. He posted an image of the
original text from 1996. According to his own CV, Tobias Hubinette
worked for Expo until at least 1997. In other words, he continued
doing research for this "anti-racist" organization after having
publicly advocated the extermination of the white race and the violent
destruction of an entire civilization. Nobody seemed to mind. During
this time period he did research about "Nazis." He has openly defended
the use of violence for political reasons, even against children and
the elderly, and has also been convicted of violence.

Meanwhile, the left-wing extremist group Antifascistisk Aktion
has for years made numerous attacks against immigration-skeptics,
including members of the Sweden Democrats which Expo has published
a critical book about, with near-impunity from the authorities and
the media. Members of AFA marched alongside senior members of the
Swedish police, the government and the media during Gay Pride Parade
in 2007 in Stockholm, and beat up a couple of people they deemed to
be insufficiently tolerant.

Hubinette has been controversial for some of his views, for instance
comparing Western adoptions of Korean children (he is of Korean
origin) to the transatlantic slave trade. However, in traditionally
and still majority white Sweden, calling for the majority, indigenous
population to perish in blood and suffering is not enough to halt your
career. Hubinette has continued promoting "Multiculturalism," even
received awards, and is currently working for the The Multicultural
Centre of Botkyrka, Sweden.

The founder and editor of Expo magazine from 1995 until his death in
November 2004, Stieg Larsson, worked with Hubinette for years, but
was apparently never negatively affected by this collaboration with
a person calling for genocide against his people. Larsson has been
cited as a credible source regarding the extreme Right, and Expo's
material has been reprinted by leading newspapers Expressen and
Aftonbladet. Larsson left behind three unpublished thrillers, which
have proceeded to become major bestsellers in Sweden after his death.

Upon writing this, I came to think of a mandatory University of
Delaware program in the United States requiring students to acknowledge
that "all whites are racist," offering them "treatment" for incorrect
attitudes regarding class, gender, religion or culture.

A civil rights group cited excerpts from the university's Office of
Residence Life Diversity Education Training documents, including the
statement: "A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on
the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term
applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living
in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture
or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists,
because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power
to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination."

The education program also notes that "reverse racism" is "a term
created and used by white people to deny their white privilege."

I've been trying to understand exactly what this "white privilege"
consists of. In Sweden, if you are a native and in the mildest
terms possible object to uncontrolled mass immigration which
is sure to render the natives a minority in their own country
within a few decades, you will immediately be branded a racist and
vilified. Most likely, your career will be over. But "anti-racist
Multiculturalists" can collaborate closely with persons calling for
the destruction of Western civilization and the annihilation of the
white indigenous population, and it doesn't even register in the
eyes of the political establishment. The situation is only slightly
less extreme in other countries in Western Europe, where the natives
are de facto disenfranchised and are supposed to meekly fund their
own colonization and applaud their cultural eradication. If this is
"privilege", then privilege is vastly overrated these days.

It is more than a little ironic that Tobias Hubinette claims to be an
"anti-Nazi" at the same time as he advocates the violent destruction
of hundreds of millions of people. It is a strong indication that
the term "Nazi" has by now become seriously distorted.

Most of the political violence in Europe, both verbal and physical,
comes from Muslims and their supporters on the Left. The first
political murders in the Netherlands for centuries were either
committed by a Muslim, in the case of Theo van Gogh, or a Leftist
supporter of Muslims, in the case of Pim Fortuyn. Some members of
the Western Left support the suppression of free speech, the use of
street violence against rivals, systematic demonization not just of
political opponents but of entire groups who are branded as evil,
should have their assets stripped away from them, and if necessary
be eliminated. In all of these cases, many of the left-wing comrades
of Expo are closer to Nazism than Islamophobes like me, but they get
away with this because they are Leftists, and left-wingers and good,
right-wingers are evil; a powerful demonstration of the fact that
Socialists never truly lost the Cold War. "Nazism" is reduced to
simply having a white, European background and refusing to surrender
your land and your culture to outsiders.

In this text, Expo casually mentions racism, anti-Semitism,
Islamophobia and homophobia in the same sentence, and conveniently
forgets to point out that the recent increase in anti-Semitism in
Europe is intimately linked to Muslim immigration and the pro-Islamic
policies of the European Union, that most of the street violence
targets native Europeans and that a sharp rise in violence against
gays is caused by mass immigration of Muslims in particular.

Expo also resorts to blatant distortions regarding the nature of
Islamic oppression of non-Muslims: "Centuries ago, a dhimmi was the
non-Muslim inhabitant of a state run according to sharia law, where
non-Muslims had fewer rights than Muslims. The anti-Islamic blogs
believe Islam's expansion in Europe needs to be halted, otherwise we
risk ending up in the same situation once more."

The dhimmi system is an integral part of sharia, Islamic law, which is
timeless according to Islamic theology because it has been instituted
by Allah. It wasn't valid only "centuries ago," it remains valid today
and will do so for all eternity. The Armenian genocide by Turkish and
Kurdish Muslims took place only a few generations ago. It happened
precisely because Armenians, as did other Balkan Christians, rebelled
against the Islamic apartheid system and the status as semi-slaves
they have been granted according to sharia. Muslims responded by
Jihadist massacres, as they should according to Islamic doctrines.

This massacre is still forbidden by law to discuss in Turkey. Several
murders of the few Christians still left in a country that was once
predominantly Christian proves that Christianophobia is very much
alive there. Expo talks about opposition to Turkish membership in the
European Union as a sign of extremism. Do they agree with the current
Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has
stated that Islamophobia should be treated as a crime against humanity?

In December, 2007, a university professor named Fuat Deniz was murdered
in the town of Orebro, the first time that a lecturer has been killed
at a university anywhere in Sweden. Deniz wrote and lectured on the
Ottoman Turkish genocide of their Christian subjects.

Other researchers working in the field have been threatened, according
to David Gaunt at Sodertorn University College. "On several occasions
at our seminars people would attend claiming to be journalists only
to then walk around photographing delegates," Gaunt told Svenska
Dagbladet. It is reported that researchers have been harassed, received
death threats and been labeled terrorists. Gaunt reports having been
followed by security police on trips to Turkey and describes being
subjected to a smear campaign by a Turkish newspaper. "All those
interested in Christian minorities in Turkey are considered a threat."

A Dutch scientist who wishes to remain anonymous confirms this. "I
felt the eyes of Turkish spies on my back during a couple of lectures
I gave in Holland." He fears that he, too, is at risk, and therefore
publicly speaks as little as possible about the genocide in public.

The investigation of the murder of Fuat Deniz has been remarkably
sloppy. It is tempting to view it as an extension of the global Jihad
and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, which is now
slowly spreading to Western Europe.

At the same time that Muslims are colonizing Western nations
while complaining about Islamophobia, the few remaining non-Muslim
communities in the Middle East are being systematically eradicated.

As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch writes in his book Religion of
Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't , "Christian communities
throughout the Middle East that date back to the dawn of Christianity
are decreasing so much that they are on the verge of disappearing
from the area altogether. In Iraq half of the nation's prewar 700,000
Christians have fled the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Overall the Middle Eastern Christian population has dropped from 20
percent in 1900 to less than 2 percent today."

How come left-wing organizations are so concerned about "Islamophobia"
in the West, but care so little about Muslim infidelophobia? Is it
because the extreme Left sees this as a continuation of their struggle
against their own civilization, of which Christianity is a part?

As we speak, Muslims are driving Christians out of the birthplace
of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, but Western media choose to blame this
on the Jewish state of Israel, a fellow victim of Jihad. Some of
this persecution of Christians - and Jews - committed by Arabs is
done by Hamas, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Members
of the MB have inspired or founded many of the most violent Islamic
organizations in recent decades, among them Sayyid Qutb, the spiritual
father of Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.

The largest party on the political Left in Sweden, the Social
Democrats, have announced their cooperation with members of the
Muslim Brotherhood, for the mutual benefit of both, but the left-wing
organization Expo sees nothing wrong in this. They concentrate their
fire on those who want limit mass immigration and thus impede Socialist
efforts to import voters from abroad.

The Swedish Social Democrats were pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi during
the 1930s and 40s, and appeased the Communists during the Cold
War. Now they forge an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, another
organization with close ideological ties to the Fascist and Nazi
movements. The Social Democrats agree to continue allowing Muslims
to colonize the country in exchange for their votes. In the old
days this would be called treason. Now it's called tolerance. Two
Fascist-inspired movements cooperate on exploiting the native
population of a country, force them to fund and applaud their own
colonization and denounce them as bigots, racists and Fascists if
they resist. The strategy is as clever as it is evil.

Sweden has witnessed an explosion in rapes and all kinds of
violent crime in the past decades. This is a direct result of mass
immigration. Malmo, their third largest city, will soon become the
first Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority. Native Swedes are
fleeing while gangs of Muslim immigrants openly brag about waging a
war against Swedes, and leading academics are now talking about the
end of the Swedish nation state as a likely result of the ongoing
immigration. The fact that Expo in this situation chooses to focus on
"Islamophobia" speaks volumes about where their loyalty lies.

Moreover, if the far-Left organization Expo labels somebody as
"Islamophobes," which to many apparently is the same as racists,
members of a more violent far-Left organization, AFA, could take this
as a licence to harass these individuals. When Kurt Lundgren, who
runs one of the most popular political blogs in Sweden, is labelled an
"Islamophobe," this is thus indirectly a warning to him about possible
future harassment.

I once heard a blog reader point out that there is no good form of
Socialism: While the "hard" Socialism earlier championed in Eastern
Europe turns society homicidal, the "soft" Socialism of the West turns
society suicidal. Sweden certainly demonstrates the truth in this: It
has no colonial history, and its current disintegration thus cannot
be blamed on any "post-colonial guilt complex." It is caused purely
by ideology. Sweden, which views itself as an ideological beacon
for mankind, happily embraced the new post-Western paradigm where
anti-nationalism was the order of the day, and its leaders decided
to excel at it.

Expo is, in my view, a symbol of the forces that have turned Sweden
into perhaps the most totalitarian and politically repressive country
in the Western world. Let it serve as a warning to others about
what happens when Multiculturalism, Socialism and anti-nationalism
gain power.

Fjordman is a noted Norwegian blogger who has written for many
conservative web sites. He used to have his own Fjordman Blog in the
past, but it is no longer active.