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Interview with Honorary Consul of Spain to Armenia Luis Barbera

- Honorable sir, an international conference on student exchange
programs took place in Valencia, December 2007. It is known that a
number of students from different parts of the world are already
studying at Spanish universities. What consequences shall the
conference have on Armenia-Spain student exchange?

- In fact, the autonomous administration of Valencia has a great
experience in exchanging students with foreign states. This contributes
not only the reputation of the Spanish universities, but also the
process of developing social relations between the representatives of
various nations. I think this is an interesting experience for the
countries, which participate in the student exchange program with
Valencia. Armenian students can freely participate in this program
and go studying in Valencia, as its doors are open for students from
each country in the world.

- After having accomplished their studies, can the students stay
in Spain for further education or working there? Or do they have to
return home at once?

- At present the program is in a stage providing only for student
exchange, and, as well as in other countries, foreign students
are given opportunity to enhance their knowledge and study a the
native language of the country where they are hosted. Of course,
it is possible that certain students may win opportunity of staying
in Spain and proceeding with their studies. Nowadays the students
exchange programs have cultural and ideological implication, a
student starts his/her career in his native country and improves
his/her skills in another.

By Gayane Khachatrian, press secretary

PS. Press secretary of Spanish Honorary Consul to Armenia, Gayane
Khachatrian also informed "Azg" that on January 18 an Armenian
cross-stone (khatchqar) shall be erected in the town of Alicante,
Spain, which has the largest Armenian community in that country.

That shall be the first Armenian cross-stone in Spain.

The initiative of erecting the memorial belongs to "Hayastan" Union.