Jan 7 2008

On January 7, 2008 the Orinats Yerkir Party started political life.

The deputy leader of the party Heghine Bisharyan who is also the
head of the election headquarters of Arthur Baghdasaryan held
a news conference at the National Assembly. With regard to the
presidential election of Armenia she said if the conduct of our
election resembles that of the Georgian election, that is with water
cannons and irregularities, the election will be held in half a round
rather than one round.

Noting that the government often mentions victory in one round,
Heghine Bisharyan concludes that there is intention to rig the
election. She says in that case the opposition will go on protest
because it is the only way to fight fraud. Heghine Bisharyan says
the government's candidate Serge Sargsyan's rating is not that high
to get 700-800 thousand votes at once.

In answer to the question for whom Arthur Baghdasaryan will call
voters to vote if Serge Sargsyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan run in the
second round, Heghine Bisharyan said: "Certainly for the candidate
of the opposition." In answer to rumors that the Orinats Yerkir is
likely to hold rallies to oppose to Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Heghine
Bisharyan says this is clear provocation. "We have nothing against
Levon Ter-Petrosyan. We do not do anything against anyone, we do it
for ourselves," says the deputy leader of the Orinats Yerkir Party.

She says they are ready for any scenario, including black PR against
them, especially that the Orinats Yerkir Party has such a "bitter

The head of Arthur Baghdasaryan's election headquarters also stated
that they have set up offices in all the regions but declined to
note the exact number, saying only that the team of the leader of
the Orinats Yerkir Party encountered problems with rent of offices,
as well as advertisement. By the way, the Orinats Yerkir Party had
encountered problems with ads in the parliamentary election as well.