Noyan Tapan
Jan 9, 2008

YEREVAN, JANUARY 9, NOYAN TAPAN. "Biotechnology" Scientific Research
Institute CJSC operating under the jurisdiction of the RA Ministry
of Trade and Economic Development has started selling nitrogen
biofertilizer "Azotovit-1", which is produced in small amounts at
the institute, to Armenian farms. The scientific secretary of the
institute Gayane Avetisova told NT correspondent that the sale is
organized through Green Line NGO, which buys this fertilizer and
provides it to farms - members of the organization. These farms are
mainly engaged in production of organic food.

In testing "Azotovit-1", Biotechnology cooperated with Yerevan State
University (YSU) and Armenian Tree Project organization.

The technical terms of production of "Azotovit-1" were approved
by the National Institute of Standards. According to G. Avetisova,
Biotechnology has not yet reached agreements with foreign companies
on transfer of the nitrogen biofertilizers production technology,
while it is inexpedient to build a plant with the envisaged capacity
in Armenia for sale in foreign markets.

Nitrogen biofertilizers can fully replace chemical nitrogen fertilizer
(nitre), which is imported and widely used in Armenia. Unlike chemical
one, nitrogen biofertilizer contributes to soil reproduction.

The bids for financing the programs on further development of
technologies of obtaining nitrogen biofertilizers and soluble
melanin conducive to growth of plants have been rejected by
the International Scientific and Technical Center. G. Avetisova
said that financing would allow, in particular, to develop fully
the technology of producing "Azotovit-1" which would create the
opportunity to expand production. Besides, financing would allow to
patent abroad the technological know-how used in the production of
this biofertilizer. Thanks to the use of the know-how, "Azotovit-1"
is saturated not only with microorganisms representing a source
of nitrogen but also with fertilizing microelements of phosphorus,
calcium and potassium.

Biotechnology CJSC envisages to patent this know-how in Armenia.

The scientific research work on improvement of the technology of
obtaining soluble melanin is continuing in cooperation with YSU Chair
of Biotechnology and the Institute of Physiology of the RA National
Academy of Sciences.

During this work, the effect of melanin both on plants and humans is
being studied.