21.01.2008 15:34

Presidential contender, leader of "Orinats Yerkir" Party (OYP) Arthur
Baghdasaryan intends to deepen Armenia's European policy in case of
his victory in the elections of February 19.

Speaking in Yerevan today during the presentation of his pre-election
campaign, Arthur Baghdasaryan stated that "the future of our country
is in the European family, in the full membership of Armenia in the
European Union."

"I have never talked and will not talk today about Armenia's
membership in NATO, but I consider it necessary to deepen and develop
the cooperation with the North-Atlantic Alliance, in particular,
concerning the Individual Partnership Action Plan, which had a
successful start," Mr. Baghdasaryan stated.

"Today we are in geopolitical conditions, which require conduct of a
balanced and active foreign policy, development of relations with our
direct neighbors, especially with Georgia and Iran. It is necessary
to take up efficient steps to improve the relations with Turkey. Our
neighbors are not our enemies," Arthur Baghdasaryan stated.

He also noted that the present foreign policy course of Armenia does
not meet the challenges of the time and it has lead to the isolation
of the country from a number of regional processes.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress