Sabah, Turkey
Jan 23 2008

While Turkey has been jolted by the uncovering of the Ergenekon
gang, the statement of the witness in Hrant Dink's case also caused
widespread shock.

Yasin Hayal's brother-in-law spoke at the trial held against the
gendarmeries accused of negligence of duty in Dink's murder: "I told
the gendarmerie that Yasin had been planning to kill Dink months
prior. Yasin had told me that he was planning to murderthe Armenian
Hrant Dink, who worked for Agos newspaper."

'Police knew of the murder location'

Yasin Hayal's brother-in-law gave his statement at the trial held
against the gendarmerie. He stated: "I informed them that Yasin
planned to kill Dink in Istanbul four months prior to the murder."

The trials held for Gendarmerie Okan Þimþek and Cavuþ Veysel, who are
being charged with having neglected their duties, have begun. The two
suspects did not attend the trial, while Yasin Hayal's brother-in-law
was heard as a witness. The brother-in-law, C.Ý., stated that he had
told Okan Þimþek and Veysel Þahin that Hayal planned to kill Dink
three or four months prior to the murder. C.Ý. stated: "he said that
he planned to kill Dink in Istanbul. He stated that he would have
one or two individuals with him but he did not give out their names."

C.Ý. stated that Hayal had drawn a layout of the murder and said
that he knew the location of the newspaper Hrant Dink worked for and
planned to murder him in front of his office."

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