Jan 31 2008

On January 30 the presidential candidate from the ARF Dashnaktsutyun
Vahan Hovanisyan told reporters diversification of some strategic
sectors is necessary, and there is possibility. Vahan Hovanisyan
said this in answer to the question how he intends to tackle this
situation when our entire energy sector is run by Russian state and
privately-owned companies. The Armenian presidential candidate said
there is a possibility of diversification, especially that we have
such a neighbor as Iran, and the tensions in the Iran-West relations
tend to calm down. Nevertheless, Vahan Hovanisyan does not think it is
not so important who runs one sector or another as how the government
controls it.

"If something is privatized to the foreign capital, we must employ
mechanisms which guarantee the system of security. I think this needs
some elaboration. Moreover, apart from strategic infrastructures and
privatization by foreigners, privatization in our country went on
along with the law but not always compliant with the law.

Reconsideration is necessary," stated the presidential candidate Vahan
Hovanisyan, saying that the regulatory function of the government
underlies their concept of government.