STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 1, ARMENPRESS; President of Nagorno Karabakh
Republic Bako Sahakyan addressed a congratulatory message on the
occasion of New Year. Central information department of the office of
NKR president told Armenpress that in his message the NKR president
particularly said:
''Respected compatriots,
Dear friends,
A little later we will bid farewells to the year of 2008. Another year
will pass to the history. For our state it was rich both in success
and achievements as well as difficulties and hindrances. In the very
virtue of joint efforts and unity of our people and the authorities it
was possible to overcome the consequences of natural disasters,
protect the country's borders, realize different social projects and
continue to build and develop our country.
We have celebrated on the nationwide basis the 20th anniversary of
the Artsakh movement and asserted once again the truth of our
decision, our resoluteness and firmness in implementing it and
achieving final victory. The independent statehood and security of
Artsakh are exclusive values and will never ever be a called in
The year 2008 will remain in the memory of our people as the year
of Grand Karabakh Wedding. In the result of this unprecedented
undertaking that has become a nationwide fete 700 new families were
formed in Artsakh. It is a great happiness for all of us, indeed.
Within the frameworks of social projects launched at the beginning
of the year more than 3000 marriages have been registered against the
background of 700-800 marriages that were registered annually in
previous years. Dozens of disabled war veteran of the first disability
group were provided hand drive cars, many people celebrated
housewarmings, salaries, benefits and pensions have increased. Such
development projects will be continued in 2009.
All these developments are gratifying and satisfactory. However, we
still have much to do. There are numerous unsolved problems; many
people satisfy their daily requirements with great difficulties. We
are aware that life is not easy for our pensioners, families of our
perished freedom fighters, the disable and their relatives. We know
and speak of that with a heavy heart. I want to assure you that these
problems are constantly in the spotlight of the NKR authorities
everything will be should be done to improve life conditions of
people, to alleviate their burdens as much as possible. Our people
have deserved the right of decent life, paying heavy price for this.
On this festive day I would like to bow my head before the memory
of all the victims and martyrs of the Artsakh war and to wish Happy
New Year first of all to their relatives. Never let there be grief and
loss, let only happiness and laugh sound in your family hearths.
I want to congratulate command staff and servicemen of the NKR
Defense Army, all those who are now in arms defending the borders of
our Motherland and peaceful life of our people. Our heroic army keeps
fulfilling the tasks put before it with flying colors and giving a
fitting rebuff to any infringement of the enemy.
Friends, everybody, the old and the young, wait for this
magnificent holiday, wait with hope and faith that the coming year
will be more successful and favorable. Let the New Year be like that
for all of you, let all your dreams and plans come true, let warmth,
friendship and peace rule over your families, over our common home,
the dear and precious land of Artsakh.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, dear compatriots!''