[05:56 pm] 14 January, 2009

The Appellate Court of the Republic of Armenia will hear the protest
against the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash
districts on January 16. Remind that the protest has been entered by
the advocates of the member of the Republic Party Smbat Ayvazyan.

Remind that on November 19, 2008 the Court of General Jurisdiction
sentenced Smbat Ayvazyan to two years' of prison for carrying illegal
weapon and using violence against a government representative.

The advocates had challenged the court decision stating Ayvazyan's
arrest was not grounded. Besides, the advocates said they hadn't
had a chance to invite their witnesses to the sittings. The court
found that during the arrest Ayvazyan displayed disrespect for law
and resisted to the policemen.

Remind that Smbat Ayvazyan was detained on February 24, 2008 when
returning home from an opposition rally.