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TCA Arshag Dickranian School New Pre-K Teacher

Los Angeles, January 26, 2009 - In its constant efforts to improve the
quality of education provided to students, the Board of Trustees of
Arshag Dickranian School started its 2008-2009 scholastic year by
changing the status of Miss Anahit Avetisyan from teaching math to 4th
and 5th graders to becoming the new Pre-Kindergarten teacher.

Ms. Avetisyan graduated from the National University with a Master's
degree in Early Childhood Development last December. She also holds a
Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from California State University
Northridge. `I am very excited working with Pre-K toddlers this year
and honored for this opportunity.' she said during a recent interview.

Prior to coming to Dickranian School, Ms. Avetisyan had amassed
extensive experience with children by attending various private and
public schools where she taught and observed children.

Ms. Avetisyan follows the school of thought which is based on the idea
that children gain knowledge best through meaningful play
experiences. She does this by providing children the gear and
equipment needed and supporting them as they engage in their play. She
offers children the opportunity to develop their pre-literacy,
pre-math, language, cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills by
allowing them to learn through playing with blocks, painting, creating
with crafts, looking at books, and riding tricycles in the playground,
among other activities. In practicing this thought, Ms. Avetisyan
hopes to prepare children who are socially adept, highly motivated and
ready to learn about the world around them. She also strivesto have a
good parent-teacher partnership, which she believes is important to
the child's course of education and growth.

Located at 1200 North Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, the TCA Arshag
Dickranian Armenian School is a federally tax exempt, Pre-K to 12th
grade private educational institution. Interested parents are invited
to contact the school administrative office by calling (323) 461-4377
for more information or visit the school website at .