, Armenia
Jan 3 2010

Vahan Khachatryan: No progress in Armenia last year

15:16 / 01/03/2010No progress was recorded in 2009, nor can any
progress be expected in 2010, Vahagn Khachatryan, the former Mayor of
Yerevan and member if the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC)

`In 2009, the Government proved unable to oppose the crisis, and the
anti-crisis measures did not produce any results nor could they.
Unfortunately, the authorities did not make a step to put an end to
monopolies, which are destroying the economy, preventing economic
growth,' Khachatryan said. The gravest problem is that it is not the
crisis, but the defective economic structure, that caused the huge
economic downturn. `A rise of almost 30% in the poverty level was
first registered in 2009. One more negative factor is that the
Government did not create any basis for development, whereas this work
is normally done during crises. The Government proved unable to meet
the challenges, which will have their impact on the economy in 2010
and following years,' Khachatryan said.

Making forecasts for 2010, he stressed that it will be a difficult
year. `Serious social problems will arise, especially if we consider
the rise in the gas and electricity prices from April 1, 2010. The
Government does not plan any measure to cope with the consequences. I
am sure that both political and economic monopolies will continue
prospering. Hardly any economic sectors are capable of ensuring
economic development in the country. Construction and money transfers
ensured development in the previous years, but neither is available
now,' Khachatryan said.