French court fines Turkish women for rejecting Armenian Genocide
06.01.2010 19:14

The Court of French Lyons has fined Turkish Sirma Oran for rejecting
the Armenian Genocide.

She was found guilty under the articles of the Criminal Code of France
envisioning punishment for rejecting genocide and was fined with 1500

Oran said she intends to appeal against the decision of the Lyons
court to the Supreme Court and if the latter does not take the just
decision, she threatened to get to the European court.

Sirma Oran has become the first Turkish woman that was punished in
France for rejecting the fact of Armenian Genocide. Sirma Oran Martz,
daughter of publicist Baskin Oran, was obliged to withdraw her
candidacy for deputy to Lyons municipality as she refused to recognize
the Armenian Genocide. "Armenian genocide," reports.